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Work Injury Claims

Our work accident injury solicitors can get you the maximum for your compensation claims. Give us a call to start your injury claim.

Have you had an accident at work? Did the accident happen in the UK? Did the accident happen within the last three year? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you might be eligible to file for a Work Injury Claim.

Work Injuries can be anything like head injury from a falling object, shoulder injuries, back injuries, repetitive strain injuries among others. Employers are bound legally to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

Most common types of Work Injuries

Even the most prepared workers can be victims of work injuries at some point in their career. Some of the most common types of injuries include:

  • Repetitive strain injury. This is the pain that comes about as a result of the overuse of certain muscles and tendons of your body. Repetitive tasks without proper training can be harmful health wise. Some Repetitive strain injuries can take a shorter time to heal than others depending on the severity of the work injury. While some can take more than a year to heal, some take a shorter time like 2 weeks. This will lead to financial strain because most of the time your doctor will sign you off work.

  • Slip and Fall accidents. Falling from heights is another common cause of Work Injury Claim. Some common injury types caused by slips and fall accidents include fractures, wrist injuries, arm injuries, sprains and back injuries.

  • Construction site accident such as crane accidents, collapsing buildings, and forklift accidents

  • Inhaling toxic fumes has effects in the long run. It can cause skin problems, respiratory problems and eye problems.

In case of an accident at work, ensure the accident is recorded in the company’s accident book, take any photos or witness statements, keep any medical records as a result of the accident and seek the services of a reliable personal injury specialist.

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Can I claim Benefits if I sustain a work Injury?

In the UK, you may be eligible to receive Industrial Disablement Benefits if you have sustained a work-related injury. To access this facility, you need to meet the following criteria as evidence of your Accident at work;

  • Prove that you were an employee of the said firm at the time of the accident

  • That you were duly trained at the time of the accident

  • That the accident occurred within England and wales or Scotland.

Your employer is legally bound to allow you make any form of work injury claim without intimidation as it is an employee right. Additionally, they are expected by law to have an up to date valid insurance to cover all possible eventualities that demand compensation pay-outs either by accident or illness at work. The insurance should also be able to cover any incidents caused by other employees at the workplace. This makes sure that in case any employee makes a successful Work Injury Claim the company is not financially distressed since it is upon the insurance to make the payments.

Risking your job by starting a Work Injury Claim?

By law your employer cannot fire you for making a claim for compensation due to an injury sustained. However, if your employer sacks you for filing a work injury claim, then you can go further and sue them for unfair dismissal as well. Talk to our Accidents Solicitors for a comprehensive understanding of your rights as an employee.

Why us for your Work Accident Injury Claim?

We have the required experience and a rich portfolio in successfully representing affected persons. Secondly, we have a No Win No Fee policy. This means that if you are not awarded compensation for your case, you have no financial obligation to us. 

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