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Accident Claims Staffordshire

Accident Claims Staffordshire

i. Success fee
The success fee is an extra amount you pay your solicitor if you win your case. Success fees in 'no win, no fee' cases are often quite high and can be as much as double the amount charged in other types of legal case.

ii. Basic fees
Sometimes a solicitor may agree only to charge you whatever you are able to get back from the other side and if this is the case, it must be written in the conditional fee agreement.

iii. Barristers' fees
If your case has to go to court you might need a barrister to represent you as well as a solicitor. The barristers' fees are usually not included in 'no win, no fee' agreements, so if you do need a barrister you may have to pay them regardless of whether you win or lose and this could be very expensive.

iv. Hidden costs
Before you enter into a No Win No Fee Agreement, check the terms very carefully for hidden costs. This depends on the circumstances and the agreement you have with your solicitor, you might have costs to pay. You might also have costs to pay if your solicitor advises you to drop your case but you carry on with a different solicitor. In case you then went on to win your case you might still have to pay a success fee to your original solicitor.

v. Other expenses
You may be forced to pay other expenses for things like experts' fees, accident report fees, official searches, court fees, and travelling expenses.

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