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Personal Injury Claims Cumbria

Personal Injury Claims Cumbria

There are a number of companies advertising on no win no fee solicitor services and it’s important to choose a reliable professional solicitor to make sure your personal injury claim is handled with the level of care it deserves. The choice of the right no win no fee solicitors is so very important to your claim. Under a no win no fee agreement your solicitor will take on your case on the understanding that if you lose your case, they will not get paid. It is important to remember that there is more to the costs of a legal case than your solicitor's fees and if you lose your case, you may still have to pay, your opponent's legal costs and your opponent's disbursements. These are other expenses or charges such as fees for expert witnesses if they are needed.

Personal Injury Claim Solicitors Cumbria 

However, you can and you should buy insurance to cover these payments in case you lose. It is called After The Event Insurance (ATE).  Your solicitor may also charge a success fee, which is meant to compensate the solicitor for the risk of not being paid if he loses the case. If you win, the court will usually order your opponents to pay most or sometimes all of your solicitor's fees and disbursements including the insurance premium but you will have to spend up to 25% of your damages awarded on the success fee which covers risk rather than delay as long as the court thinks these costs are reasonable. The amount of the success fee depends on your type of case and your chances of winning.

Our Personal Injury Claims team cover the following areas of Cumbria:
Carlisle Barrow-in-Furness Whitehaven Kendal Maryport Penrith

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