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Personal Injury Claims Berkshire
Our Personal Injury Claims team cover the area of Berkshire . We offer free advice regarding No Win No Fee Claims. 

Personal Injury Claims Berkshire 

Product liability negligence occurs when a supplier such as a wholesaler, distributor or other party in the supply chain places a product in the stream of commerce with inaccurate or inadequate labelling or manufacturing or design defects or flaws. Despite the significance of negligence liability it is subject to a number of limitations which may restrict its effectiveness in product liability claims. Manufacturer can only be held liable where it has failed to take reasonable care which the injured party must be able to prove. 

This may be difficult and expensive.In a products liability negligence claim the plaintiff must prove that the defendant did not exercise the proper degree of care when manufacturing or otherwise providing the product to the consumer. Negligence is historically a tort concept and with respect to product liability manufacturers are liable for their failures to exhibit ordinary care to any party who suffered an injury that was proximately caused by that manufacturer's negligent conduct.

A claim in negligence is based on the assumption that the manufacturer owes a duty of care to all those who can reasonably be expected to make use of its product. A claim may be brought by a consumer-purchaser of the product or a person who uses the product or a third party bystander who is injured by the product.
Product liability negligence claims can be complex and challenging to prove from a legal stand point hence the need to have a counsel. Product liability counsel can provide further information about your potential claim, any available remedies and recoveries and next steps to be taken so as your case can be a strong one.

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