If you suffered from a serious car accident and it resulted in amputation then give our accident claims solicitors a call for free legal advice.

Although significantly lower now as compared to the past decade in UK, Car accidents still contribute to causes of amputation claims. Claim Justice have years of experience in handling car accident amputation compensation claims as well as representing pedestrians who have been hit by cars that lose control and go to the pavements causing serious injuries which have later led to amputations. Amputation injuries are mostly caused by rollover accidents, side collisions or head on accidents.

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Road accidents can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Negligence by the other road users

  • Car malfunctions

  • Drunk driving and reckless driving

  • Poor visibility brought about by bad weather

  • Poorly maintained roads

If you are not in any way responsible for the accident, you might want to call us to discuss the possibility of starting a compensation claim. As long as we can prove that the third party is responsible for the accident, you may have a successful car accident amputation claim if you have all the details available.

Sometimes you meet an accident with an uninsured driver. Good news is that you can still be compensated through the Motor Insurance Bureau for all the injuries inflicted. Some uninsured drivers will try to disappear because it is against the law to drive without insurance. If this is the case, don’t give up. Contact us and we will help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

If you were a passenger in either a public or private means of transport and got involved in a serious car accident, then you are still allowed to make a claim for compensation.

Evidence Needed For a Successful Car Accident Amputation Claim

As it goes without saying, to have a successful case, you need strong evidence as a backup. To have a strong case, there are a few items that shouldn’t be missing. These include;

  • Details of the day, time and location of the car accident. If possible, have pictures of the scene of the accident as well as the injuries.

  • For serious car accidents, the police are involved. Their report is also a very crucial document forming part of the evidence when trying to make a accident amputation claim.

  • Eyewitness statements. If possible, take contact information of the eyewitnesses, whether pedestrians or other drivers on the road. Their side of the story is very important when the court is trying to corroborate your story.

  • Medical reports from licenced medical practitioners detailing your treatments plan and the intensity of the injuries. In this case, for an amputation after an accident, the doctor will have clearly stated reasons that necessitated the amputation among other things. If possible, have pictures of the injury to depict the after and before.

  • Any costs incurred from since when the car accident happened. This can be cost of travel to and from the hospital for ongoing treatments, prescription medicine costs, cost of accommodation if you have had to sleep near the hospital to make it for early appointments and any other costs that are directly linked to the accident. Ensure that you keep a record of all the receipts detailing the costs.

  • Details of the drivers involved in the accident. Some serious car accidents could involve more than two cars. In such scenarios, you need the car number plate, the name, phone number and addresses of the drivers.

Details like the ones stated above are very crucial in building evidence for a strong car accident amputation claim.

Car Accident Amputation Claims Amounts

The amount you receive as compensation depends on the severity of the accident. When we make a car accident amputation claim on your behalf, we make sure that the compensation we demand will go into bettering your life and we will get the maximum amount of compensation for you. We ensure that we claim for an amount that will cover all your costs if adapting to your new surroundings after the amputation and getting top of the range prosthetics to make your life easier.

Some of the most common amputation injuries caused by car accidents include;

  • Above the knee amputation

  • Below the knee amputation

  • Amputation of both legs

  • Amputation of both arms

Most of car accident amputation amounts will vary from £10,000 to hundreds of thousands depending in the severity of the amputation. Above the knee amputation, for example, will see you getting up to £190,000 while single or partial amputation will see you get up to £90,000. For a more accurate estimates of how much to expect, please get in touch with us today.

What Should I Claim For After a Car Accident

Losing a limb after a car accident, greatly impacts your lifestyle. It affects you emotionally, financially, socially and the consequences can be greatly overwhelming.  For this reason, we believe that all amputees deserve justice in the form of fair compensation if the car accident was not their fault.

If you wish to pursue a claim for compensation, you may sue for:

  • Loss of wages since you may be  off work for a lengthy periods of time in which your employer puts you on sick pay which is barely enough to cater for your bills
  • Medical expenses covering every single penny you have used in hospital and prescription costs too
  • Travelling costs. Having been in a car accident, your car is probably not road worthy and in a garage or it could be scrapped. If you have been using a taxi or public transport, ensure you keep all the receipts or invoice. This acts as evidence.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of having to hire for private care or having family members take turns to take care of you while you undergo treatment.
  • Loss of the ability to go on with your social life for example if you enjoyed skiing and can no longer do it, you can sue for this inconvenience.
  • Loss of money for pre-booked holidays which you may not attend since you are undergoing treatment
  • Cost of artificial limbs
  • Expenses of rehabilitation and therapy
  • Cost of adapting your current home to your current situation
    • Car Accident Amputation Claims

Is There a Time Limit On Amputation Claims?

Broadly speaking, in UK, the time limit for making a car accident amputation claims is three years from the date the accident happened. However, under special circumstances this time limit can be stretched.

If you are a minor, the 3 year time limit commences from the date you get to 18 years so that gives you until 21 years to start the claim.

If you are a minor, the 3 year time limit commences from the date you get to 18 years so that gives you until 21 years to start the claim.

How To Start a Car Accident Amputation Claim?

To start a car accident amputation claim,

  • Get in touch with us online anytime. Call us or you can request for a call back by filling our call back form. We will respond at your convenient time.
  • One of our friendly highly and legally trained client advisors will listen to you; probe you on some necessary questions to better understand your case. Based on the information you give them, they will assess whether you have a strong case. Thereafter match you to the right Solicitor.
  • Our No Win No Fee amputation Solicitors will then take your case. You can sit back and focus on getting better. They will continually update you on the progress of your case. From time to time they will contact you if they need any additional information from you.

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Over the years, we have managed to build a network of professionals like occupational therapists, prosthetic limbs suppliers, support groups for people who have faced amputation and psychologist who we are confident will help and support you through this difficult journey of acceptance and healing.  We can link you up with any of these services as soon as we start the claim.

Secondly, we offer a No Win No Fee conditional agreement. With this kind of offer, you are not liable to pay the Solicitor anything unless your claim for compensation is successful and you have received the claim amount in your account. Before we start the legal proceedings, you will sign a contract stating the percentage you both agree with the Solicitor to pay after you are compensated. This way you are under no financial risk whatsoever in case the case falls through. You don’t get any compensation for your claim.

If you believe you have a claim, you have nothing to lose. Get in touch with us as soon as possible on 0121 565 4317. We will tell you in minutes on whether you have a claim for compensation or not.