What Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

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If you have suffered a car accident that was not caused by you, you are entitled to make a Car Accident claim for compensation for all the harm it caused you financially, medically, physically and any other ripple effect it may have caused or will cause now or in the near future. Car accidents can cause a myriad of injuries including but not limited to spinal injuries, head injuries, bruises, soft tissue injuries including tears, sprains and strains, fractures, psychological injuries, head and brain injuries. The amount you get as compensation varies with the kind of injury.

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  • Record the model, colour and number plate of the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Names and contacts of any person who was a witness at the crash
  • Any other injuries apart from yours
  • Take as many pictures of the scene and the cars involved in the accident showing the areas affected

Phone your insurance company as soon as possible, most of the time we advise doing this at the time of the accident. They will then ask for your policy number or information such as your car registration number to identify you. They will additionally ask for the registration number of the cars involved, the drivers’ phone and address, and the other drivers’ insurance details if you have them.

Additionally, if you intend to make a Car Accident Claim, maintain updated hospital records, prescription orders and anything else that came as a result of the accident. The records should be dated as they form part of the evidence.

If you used a Taxi service to leave the scene of the accident, ensure you ask for a receipt from the taxi company and any other expenses that resulted to use other modes of transport as a result of not being able to use your car.

If you were signed off work, have your employer put that in writing explaining the income you lost due to this incident.

Most Car Accident claims will be handled outside courts where the defendant proves negligence. However, if one of the parties can proof beyond reasonable doubt that there was negligence on either party or shared, then you have to go before a court of law.

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We assess every case individually as none is similar to the other and the dynamics change with every party. If it goes to court, Our No Win No fees solicitors have a vast experience and will be there with you to guide you on how to go about it without fail. Additionally most car insurance companies are not willing to pay the victims of car accidents what they deserve and will be quick to dismiss you if you put forward a car accident claim by yourself. Our Accident Claims Solicitors know exactly how to deal your case to ensure that you get the highest possible compensation. The car Insurance companies are known to be more keen and not dismiss claims made by victims when a Personal Injury solicitor is involved.

How much you receive will depend on the amount of evidence you provide and the severity of the injury. Our Accident claims Manchester Based solicitors are always ready to give you a free quote with no obligation for you to decide if you would like to pursue the case with us or not.

If your car accident occurred within the last three years, our NO WIN NO FEE SOLICITORS are ready to help you with your Car Accident Claims procedure.

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