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If you have been involved in a car accident and sustained an injury, our Car Accident Solicitors are ready to start your case to ensure you receive the right amount of compensation that you deserve. You could claim for compensation for injuries, such as whiplash, as a result of a car accident.

Things to do after a Car Accident

  • Involve the police if the involved party refuses to cooperate and give details willingly. This also applies if they run away from the scene. It is also a traffic offense to flee from a scene of accident.
  • If the driver is cooperating, note their car plate number, their address and information about their insurance details
  • Take photographs of the scene where the car accident occurred. If there are any visible injuries as well, take a picture as this will be required as part of evidence
  • Take witness statements to corroborate your story in case you make a Personal injury claim in the future.
  • Call your insurer as soon as you can to report the accident.

How do I make a Car Accident Claim

If you are keen on starting compensation claim after a road accident, our car accident Solicitors are on standby waiting to hold your hand every step of the way. With our No Win No Fee policy, you are guaranteed of a no financial constraint in kicking off the process as we take on cases with zero commitment fee.

Our Car Accident Solicitors have over 30 years experience in car accident claims, so give us a call now for free legal assistance.

What can I claim for in a car accident claim?

When claiming for compensation due to involvement in a car accident, there are two areas of categorization. These are; general damages and special damages.

General damages are concerned with personal injuries and the mental suffering you have undergone as a result of the accident.

Special damages cover the financial aspect. The loss of earnings that are directly linked to this accident, medical expenses as a result of check-ups following the accident, prescription costs, taxi costs thereafter, accommodation costs if you had to spend nights in hotels because you couldn’t get home after the accident or simply if you needed to travel in search of treatment.

Car Accident Compensation Guideline

The UK government has taken time to try and regularize how much one can get in case they put in a claim for compensation. This serves as a guideline to Car Accident Solicitors.

  • Head Injuries- categorized as mild to severe can be awarded compensation of £1,500 to £310,000
  • Back Injuries can be awarded £3500 – £87,300 depending on the severity and how it has affected your day to day operations.
  • Neck injuries can be awarded from £1800- £112,450

While these are guidelines, you need to talk to our specialized car accident Solicitor to advice on what you can claim for and the rough estimate of what you can get.

Car Accident Solicitors

No Win No Fee Car Accident Solicitors

We deal with 100% No Win No Fee compensation claims also commonly referred to as Conditional Fee Agreement. This means that when our car accident Solicitors start your claim, they do not demand for an upfront fee but a percentage of the compensation awarded, which was capped to not more than 25% of the compensation awarded to the claimant, if you win the case.

Our No Win No Fee protects you from any financial liability in case you don’t win the case leaving the risk to our Car Accident Solicitor and with this in mind they do everything to ensure that the case is won.