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Kids Claim

It’s quite distressing to both parents/guardians and the child when there is an accident and children are involved. At this point, most parents are often unsure as to whether or not they can or should make compensation claims for a children’s accident and injury and are worried about doing the right thing. The children can claim for an accident all the way up to their 21st birthday, it is unlike the three years claiming period for adults. Claims being made for those still under the age of 18 should have an adult submit the claim on their behalf.

There quite a number of types of children’s accidents, and it includes;

  • Sport and outdoor activity accidents.
  • Shop or supermarket accidents.
  • Pushchair, pram, and buggy accidents.
  • Accidents at nurseries schools and colleges.
  • Play area, park, and playground accidents.
  • Leisure centers, activity centers, and swimming pool accidents.
  • Faulty products and toy injuries.
  • Accidents on holiday.
  • Accidents at a club, kids disco, or youth center-.
  • Outdoor activities or fairground attractions.
  • Medical injuries.
  • Injured in a public building such as a library or hospital.
  • Public place accidents.

The above list is not complete since it’s nearly impossible to capture all the types of injuries that might occur. Children are probably the most precious thing we may have in our lives and whatever that happens to them in terms of an accident in the hands of anyone can be quite devastating and you need to ensure you get the compensation that they deserve, to enable them to carry on living their lives the way they would have before the accident occurred.

For you to make a successful claim you need a no win no fee Solicitor who is thorough in their work like the ones that we provide here at no win no fee Solicitors. We have experienced, and understand that life-long implications may not always be obvious at the outset.

Accident compensation claims on behalf of children require the specific expertise that our no win no fee Solicitors can offer.

It is important to approach and have a fully qualified and professional Solicitor who will deal with your child’s accident compensation claim. Unqualified Solicitors are the last people you would want to come across at a time when you have an injured child who needs accident compensation. We provide nothing but qualified no win no fee Solicitors who will take off the stress from you. They will give you professional, specialist legal advice, acting with honesty and integrity. We will give you a quick and straightforward assessment of your claim and the likelihood of success.

We are a dedicated team and we are not in a habit of passing you around from person to person and will work closely with you through every aspect of your case.

Once you have claimed your compensation for your child’s injuries, you may also be able to claim for medical expenses, lost wages and any other out of pocket expenses.

Give us a call on 0121 565 4317

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