Finger Amputation Claims

Finger Amputation Claims

Our No Win No Fee Finger Claim Solicitors are here to help and assist you on all matters involving amputation. We would love to offer free legal advice, so call us anytime for advice on cases involving amputation on fingers.

Finger Amputations involve the loss of any of your fingers or thumb. We take for granted simple tasks such as typing, using mobile phones, sewing, washing dishes, and so on. What we forget is that losing one or multiple fingers could make these rather simple tasks difficult or simply unmanageable.

The majority of the Finger Amputation cases we handle are a result of workplace accidents which involve faulty machinery, or equipment. Importantly, most employers do not take seriously the importance of proper training on the use of these machinery.

Employers are bound by the health and safety act 1974 to provide a safe working environment for all their staff and visitors within the workplace. Additionally, employers are bound to have an up to date risk assessment plans and keep up with constant training on the use of machinery for the concerned personnel.

Common Causes of Finger Amputations Claims

Finger amputations are mainly caused by;

Slip, trip and fall Injuries

  • These are a common cause of Finger Amputation claims. This happens when a person has fallen on something sharp on the floor. It causes an injury on one or multiple fingers.

Accidents at work

  • Accidents at work caused by dangerous or faulty machinery. The majority of the Finger Amputation claims we handle are machine operations related.

Medical Negligence

A sporting activity went wrong.

  • This can happen with simple ball games such as handball, volleyball, or even rugby.

Road accidents.

  • Although not too common with Finger Amputations, some road accidents can cause serious traumatic injuries to one or multiple fingers. It might ends up with Finger Amputation.

Vibration white finger.

  • This is common with construction and mining workers due to the trauma that happens in their line of work. Unfortunately, its symptoms do not exhibit themselves for even up to a decade. Such injuries require a consultant doctor to do an investigation into your work history. It also requires writing a report on the same for you to proceed with making a claim.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease is also a common reason for amputation because of diabetes and other illnesses

Establish liability for Finger Amputation Claims

Sadly some victims hold the burden to prove that they were indeed victims of negligence by a third party. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the most widely used reference point when it comes to establishing the liability in regards to a staff who has had to go through Finger Amputation.

In order to start legal proceedings on Finger Amputations claims, you need to hire the services of a reputable solicitor experienced in this field.

Our Solicitors will help you prove;

  • There was negligence by the third party which led to the accident.
  • That the accident was the sole cause of your Finger Amputation.
  • That the accident has caused you to take time off work.
  • The accident made a previous finger injury worse.

Establishing liability can be hard and therefore we recommend using our Amputation Solicitors and not doing this claim yourself because the third party will most definitely have a legal team who can frustrate your efforts in getting justice.

What Can You Claim if You Had a Amputation?

For you to make a finger amputation claim there is need for you to prove that there was negligence by a third party and that the Finger Amputation caused by the accident, for example, faulty machine or lack of training on the usage of that machine, and instead let us do the hard work while you recover.

In some instances, the third party may claim that there was shared responsibility in the accident. In such instances, although your compensation amounts may go low, you still deserve compensation.

If you are a finger amputee survivor, you can claim for;

  • Cost of care – you are entitled to make a claim for compensation for any care you might have received to run your day to day life after your Finger Amputation. You can either get invoices from the persons providing care or reimburse your family members on the time they spent taking care of you as you heal.
  • Pain and suffering caused by the finger amputation.
  • Mental trauma
  • Loss of earnings. A finger amputation could have demanded you to take time off work or made you redundant. A loss of earnings compensation is calculated depending on your present salary and your future possibility of returning to work and your expected future earnings.

Evidence Required For a Finger Amputation Claim

The burden of proof lies with the amputee. While your case may be straightforward, important to note is that if it’s a workplace accident, for example, your employer’s insurance company has a team of legal experts who are there to defend their client. Therefore, to maximize your chances of getting the maximum amount of compensation, you will need the services of an experienced Amputation solicitor. The solicitor you decide to go with should be highly recommended and an expert in this field as this makes a world of difference in how much you will get at the end.

To strengthen your Finger Amputation claim, any of the following could be highly useful in building your case.

Medical reports immediately after the incident.

    • The medical practitioner should detail the medical examination as well as the treatment received.

Report from a health and safety expert.

    • Report from a health and safety expert detailing on findings on who could be at fault in instances where the third party is refusing to admit liability.

Witness statements

    • In circumstances where there is no admission of liability, witnesses can give accounts of what transpired shedding light on the activities leading to the accident. Statements can be from colleagues or even family members and other people involved in your care.

Note details down

    • If the accident happens in your workplace, note it down in the company’s accident report book. Also, inform the relevant authorities.


    • Depending on the severity of the accident, photographs of the place of the accident showing the finger injury are important.

Documentary evidence

    • Documentary evidence of all the receipts of any costs you may have incurred. This can be medical bills, taxi costs, prescription costs, and so on.

Driver details

    • If your Finger Amputation was caused by a road accident then get the driver’s name, their car registration number, and model of their car. If it is a company car, get the driver’s name and company number and call the office to notify them of the accident.

Time limit for Finger Amputation claims

As with all other personal injury claims, the time limit to start for compensation is three years unless special circumstances such as Vibration White Finger diagnosis or claiming for a minor.

Vibration White Finger diagnosis is a condition that is common with workers in the mining and construction sector. Some symptoms of vibration white finger include tingling and numbness, cold fingers, and finger aches due to damaged muscles. Vibration white finger can take years to be detected and hence the three-year time limit of Finger Amputation claims may not be practical.

In cases where the doctor suspects this condition, he or she will ask for a complete work history of the patient. This will make it easy for them to deduce if your past work is linked to vibration white finger condition. They will then do a report highlighting the link between your finger injury and your previous work. This report will, therefore, be used as part of the evidence in your claim for compensation.

How much will I get compensated for my Finger Amputation?

Accidents can cause multiple or single finger amputation. The more the affected fingers the more likely the hand is likely not to manage to do day to day activities. While pursuing a finger amputation case, our Amputation Solicitors take into consideration whether you are able to continue doing the same job or not. Also, they look at how many fingers you have lost and how this is affecting you psychologically as well as socially.

Below are approximates of how much you can get as compensation depending on the extent of the damage. However, for a more accurate amount call us today and we will be happy to assist.

  • Index finger Amputation- You can get compensation of up to £16,000
  • Middle finger Amputation- typically, you can receive up to £43,600
  • Thumb Amputation- typically, you can receive between £52,000 to £97,000

Finger Amputation Claims

No Win No Fee Finger Amputation Claims

Also known as a conditional fee agreement, a No Win No Fee means that we will represent you for FREE until you only need to pay us after you receive your compensation. We will sign an agreement stating the percentage you will pay us after you receive your compensation.

Getting a No Win No Fee legal representation is completely risk-free to you. Our Amputation solicitors, under such an agreement, work very hard to ensure that you get the highest compensation amount since their legal costs is dependent on the amount you receive as the claimant.

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