Finger Amputation Solicitors

Finger Amputation Solicitors

Our Finger specialists are here 7 days a week to start your claim. Our experienced Solicitors have done amputation claims for over 20 years. So give us a call now for free legal advice.

If you believe that you are a victim of Finger Amputation as a result of third party negligence, then you may have grounds for starting a finger injury compensation claim. Deciding to proceed with a claim for compensation on your own may be fruitless and risky because in most instances, the third parties have a team of a solicitor to defend themselves and you need highly qualified finger amputation solicitors on your side to make sure you win your claim.

Hiring a highly qualified Finger Amputation Solicitor is your best chance in winning such sensitive areas. Our finger amputation Solicitors are highly qualified and have handled such cases before so they can advice and guide you from start to finish about the process and how much your claim should be worth.

Why Start a Finger Amputation Claim?

A lot of people do not realize the impact of an amputated finger or fingers in their day to day lives. Multiple finger amputations have cost some people their source of livelihood as they couldn’t work anymore. Losing fingers will make even the most basic work for example using your mobile phone seems impossible and frustrating.

Our finger amputation Solicitors strongly advice that genuine people who have strong cases to go ahead and claim for compensation for being victims of finger amputations. While it is true that money cannot restore your fingers, it will go a long way in ensuring that you get worthy compensation that will see you lead a better quality of life.

What To Do If Your Finger Has Been Amputated Due To An Accident

Accidents that cause finger amputation are traumatizing and often more than not, the victims don’t recount the ordeal. Sadly, you need to realize that the longer you stay in denial the slimmer your chances of fighting for justice.

If you meet an accident that led to one or multiple fingers amputation then our finger amputation Solicitors recommend you to do the following in case you may want to start making a claim for compensation now or in the future.\

Do these things:

  • You have taken pictures recording the place of the accident and also showing your injury
  • Have a little diary that you can try and note down everything that you remember that led to the accident. This is very important because as time goes by, we tend to forget the details.
  • Record the accident in an accident book and the same reported to the supervisor on shift if this happened at work.
  • Take witness details like their phone number or addresses. They may give their account of events as they remember to corroborate your evidence.
  • In case your Finger Amputation was caused by a road accident, take the driver details like there address, number plate and if it is accompany car, take the vehicle number, driver name and call the company to record a statement.
  • Ensure to visit the hospital and have the doctor substantiate that the accident caused finger amputation.
  • Keep a folder of all receipts. This can be travel costs receipts, receipts of prescriptions and any other cost that directly relates to the accident.

In case you need further assistance on what you need or how to gather the evidence, call us today. Our Solicitors will be happy to assist with whatever queries or clarifications you may require.

Starting a Finger amputation Compensation Claim

To start a compensation claim, it is best to seek the services of recommendable finger amputation Solicitor. Our Solicitors will form a case that will award you the highest possible compensation amount for your injury.

The cost of hiring a solicitor is not cheap. This should however not deter you from obtaining legal representation. Do not forget that most companies have a team of legal experts whose job is to try and not accept liability under any circumstance. Do not worry about the cost of hiring a solicitor as our finger amputation Solicitors work on a No Win No Fee agreement basis. This means that you do not need to pay anything for us to take your amputation case. All we need is for you to be as truthful as possible so that we can analyze the weight of your case and advise you on the possible compensation amounts you can expect if we strongly believe that you have a high chance of winning.

Your claim for compensation should be brought to our attention before 3 years from the time the injury occurred.

Unless under special conditions such as vibration white finger diagnosis whose time frame is three years from the date of diagnosis or accidents involving minors. Sadly, some road accidents can claim a minor’s single or multiple fingers. This is completely devastating. Due to the fact that they cannot make their own decisions, parents can claim on their behalf or leave it until the minor is of age and can decide whether they want to make a claim for it or not. If they decide to make a claim, they have three years after their 18th birthday to make a compensation claim. This means up to 21 years of age.

The earlier you seek the services of a finger amputation Solicitor the better for you since we can have time to piece up the case before the time lapses.

How much will you get for a Finger Amputation claim?

We know that we cannot replace what you have lost but we can try getting you the maximum amount of compensation to enhance your quality of life moving forward.

The amount of compensation received depends on several factors including;

  • Extent of the finger amputation – was it partial or full amputation
  • What finger was amputated? Different fingers are compensated differently
  • The cost and duration of treatment of the amputated finger
  • The extent of damage caused
  • The duration of recovery
  • The impact on your day to day life caused by the injury.

Just as different fingers perform differently, they also receive different amounts of compensation. This will see you receive payments of anywhere between £4000 and £98,700.

  • Partial loss of the little finger- Compensation value ranges between £5000 to £3500
  • Little finger amputation- Compensation value ranges between £9,500 to £34,000
  • Amputation of the middle Finger – Compensation value of up to £98,700
  • Ring finger- Compensation value of up to £48,700
  • Partial amputation of middle and index fingers- Compensation value of up to £23,000

Every case is different and thus different solicitors quote different fingers. We try to get you the highest amount possible for your loss. Ask accurate estimate for compensation, call us today and our finger amputation Solicitors will be happy to help you.

Finger Amputation Solicitors

What Can I Claim For If An accident Caused My Finger Amputation

There are several things you can claim for if you prove that third party negligence causes your finger amputation either through a road accident, medical procedure, or a work accident.

Loss of earnings

  • This can be calculated from the day you stopped working. If the accident led you to being signed off work, you are eligible to claim for compensation for the financial losses during that time. This can also be done for future loss of earnings if after the finger amputation you can no longer work in the same role even after recovery.

Cost of care as you recover

  • During recovery, you may need to have nurses to assess you as you recuperate or carers to come in and assist you with basic day to day activities before you can do it on your own again. All these costs are subject to being reimbursed by the accused.

Cost of prosthetics 

  • The cost related to prosthetics are expensive to acquire and they vary with technological advancements. To get the best in the market, you need a good amount of money. As you start your claim for compensation, our finger amputation Solicitors have built relationships with these companies and know the costs. They will advise you on what works best according to your needs.

Travel costs 

  • These are costs related to the accident. If you have used taxis to go to hospital and back, keep a record of these
  • Car and home adaptations to suit your present state
  • Future expected medical costs
  • Pain and suffering caused to you and immediate family members
  • Mental trauma
  • Costs of therapy or rehabilitation.

At Claim Justice, our goal in every case we take is to ensure we get you the highest form of compensation available. Our Finger Amputation Solicitors are on standby to discuss your finger amputation claim goes smoothly. Call us on 0121 565 4317 for a free no obligation talk with our finger specialists. 

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