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Solicitors are trained legal professionals who have studied law academically and gained professional experience. We are also regulated to make sure that the best interests of our clients always come first and to make sure that work is always done to an extremely high standard. Injury claims solicitors (also known as personal injury solicitors) are those who have concentrated on helping people who have been injured to obtain the compensation they deserve. Our dedicated, specialist team of injury claims solicitors have spent our careers training and developing our skills to be able to help people like you to get the compensation you deserve.

What Are The Signs Of A High-Quality Injury Claims Solicitors?

  • 1. They will explain the process of making a claim and keep you updated throughout.

Our team of injury claims solicitors know how important it is that you feel that you understand and agree with everything that we’re doing on your behalf. We make sure to keep in regular contact with you so you always know how your personal injury claim is progressing.

  • 2. Give you an estimate of how much compensation you are likely to receive.

The guidelines given by the Judicial College as to how much compensation is appropriate for a given injury are very broad, to make sure that they allow for a wide range of situations. Our experience allows us to give you the best possible estimate of where in those ranges your award is likely to be.

  • 3. Advise you about the full range of costs that you are entitled to claim for.

Your personal injury claim is not solely determined by the type of injury you have received. As expert injury claims solicitors, we know what questions to ask to get a clear picture of the impact your injury has had on your life. This means that we are able to include future costs related to your personal injury that you might not have considered, making sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

  • 4. Negotiate effectively on your behalf.

Our team has dedicated their careers to getting you the best possible compensation payment. This means that we negotiate compensation every day for people just like you. Our expertise in this area means that you will get the best payment possible for your personal injury.

Making A Personal Injury Claim With The Assistance Of An Injury Claim Solicitor

  • 1. Call us

The first step in making your personal injury claim is to call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online. Our injury claims solicitors will then discuss the details of your case and find out whether we are able to offer our services on a no win no fee basis. If we are not able to offer this, we will discuss alternative funding methods to ensure that you are still able to get the help you need in a way that is affordable.

  • 2. We will contact the responsible

 Once you have signed an agreement with us, we are able to act on your behalf as your injury claims solicitors. We will write to the person responsible for your accident or injury informing them that you are making a personal injury claim. We will ask them to accept that they were at fault and give them a deadline by which they will have to respond.

  • 3. Disputing Liability

If the other party does not accept liability, we will set about gathering evidence that your accident was their fault. This could be through getting photos, obtaining witness statements, and in some cases by seeking written reports from industry experts. In most cases, once they have been presented with the collected evidence, the other party will accept their liability. If not, we may need to go to court to obtain the compensation you deserve, but this is unusual.

  • 4. Negotiations

Once both parties agree, we conduct negotiations on your behalf to agree about the amount of compensation you will receive. Although we will deal with all of the negotiations, you are completely in control of this process. We will pass on all offers made by the other side, and give you an honest opinion based on our years of experience as to whether the offer is fair or not. It can be difficult to know how much compensation is fair and reasonable, but we will give you impartial advice throughout the negotiations. Although we are advising you, the final decision as to whether to accept an offer of compensation or not will always rest with you.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For My Injury?

Our injury claims solicitors are here to listen to the details of your case, making sure that we understand what happened to you, the full details of your personal injury as a result of your accident, and the ways in which these injuries have impacted your life. This means that we are able to ensure that you get the full compensation that you are entitled to.

Get the best amount of compensation

Judicial College (a national governing body) sets official guidelines that depict compensation amounts for specific injuries. But these payments often make up only a small part of the compensation you get. Compensation covers any costs or expenses you go through. These payments could be for loss of earnings if you are unable to work. Also, the cost of travel to and from work if you are unable to drive. They can also include much larger and more serious items. It counts the loss of future earning if you are unable to continue in your previous job. Also making modifications to your home or moving to a more accessible home if this becomes necessary. By working with our team, you know that you are getting the best compensation deal that you can. We take your unique circumstances into account.

What kinds of cases do injury claims solicitors work on?

Most injury claims solicitors work exclusively on personal injury claims, meaning that they are real specialists and experts in their field. By focusing on personal injury claims, we have been able to work on a wide variety of personal injury claims including:

  • Toe Injury Claims
  • Neck Injury Claims
  • Whiplash Injury Claims
  • Hand Injury Claims
  • Back Injury Claims
  • Leg Injury Claims
  • Amputation Claims
  • Eye Injury Claims
  • Spinal Injury Claims
  • Brain Injury Claims
  • Arm Injury Claims
  • Teeth Injury Claims
  • Head Injury Claims
  • Elbow Injury Claims
  • Knee Injury Claims
  • Foot Injury Claims
  • Finger Injury Claims

Although this list is long, it is not exhaustive. If your injury is not included in these lists, please call us on 0121 565 4317. You can also claim online to discuss the possibility of making a personal injury compensation claim. Our team of injury claims solicitors will be happy to discuss your case with you. They give you our honest, unbiased advice based on years of experience of personal injury compensation claims.

How Do I Choose An Injury Claims Solicitor?

Choosing your injury claims solicitor is important. It falls on two standards. First, how smoothly your claim process goes. Second, how much compensation you receive.

  • 1. Your injury claims solicitor should respond quickly and professionally to your query. This is essential for building trust. We don’t leave you in worry. Also, we tell you the status of your personal injury claim.
  • 2. Your injury claims solicitor should listen to you and treat you with respect. The injury you suffer is traumatic enough already. Your injury claims solicitor is there to help make the process of making a claim easier to deal with. This is only possible if you feel listened to, respected, and understood.
  • 3. You need to feel comfortable with and trust your injury claims solicitor. You will need to be honest with your injury claims solicitor and to work closely with them. This means that it is essential that you trust their integrity and ability. Our years of experience allow us to put your mind at rest.
  • 4. Your injury claims solicitor should discuss possible funding options with you. It is essential that you fully understand the details of your chosen funding options before we start work on your personal injury claim. Your injury claims solicitor needs to be clear and patient, ensuring that you are completely happy with your funding option without any pressure of any kind.
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What If I Can’t Afford An Injury Claims Solicitors?

Suffering any form of accident and personal injury, no matter where it happens, can be very expensive. You may not be able to work for a period and may have to find the money to pay for any treatments that will speed up your recovery but are either unavailable or massively oversubscribed on the NHS, for example, physiotherapy. Finding the money to pay for the legal advice you need to make your personal injury claim as a result of your accident maybe just a step too far. This is why we offer our injury claims solicitor’s services on a no win no fee basis wherever we can. If we are not able to give you a no win no fee agreement for your non-fault accident and personal injury claim, our sympathetic team of injury claims solicitors will discuss alternative funding options with you to try to give you the best possible legal support in your claim without putting you at financial risk. We want you to get the compensation you deserve for your injury to get your life back on track. Call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. to see whether we can help.