Our free claims guide is to help victims who have suffered a accident or injury due to a ladder fall. Our solicitors are here 7 days a week to start your claim for compensation.

Used carefully and with all the necessary assistance and support, working on ladders can be remarkably safe. Sometimes, however, things do go wrong. If the ladder you are using is faulty, or if you do not have someone to assist you when you are working with a ladder, you may fall and suffer serious injuries. Sometimes your ladder fall was not your fault and you got an injury as a result, you are likely to be able to claim compensation for the injuries you suffer. Make a ladder fall claim, or ask any query, call us on 0121 565 4317. You can also use our online claims form to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. [title text=”Common Ladder Fall Injuries” tag_name=”h2″ color=”rgb(42, 0, 251)”] The most commonplace for our clients to suffer their ladder fall injury was at work. When you are at work, your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe. He should ensure that your work on a ladder does not lead you towards injury. This responsibility is what allows you to claim. If your ladder fall injury did not occur at work, you can still make a personal injury compensation claim for your ladder fall injury. But you will have to demonstrate whose fault your ladder fall was. Examples of this could be the manufacturer if the ladder you used was faulty.

Work-related ladder falls are often due to one of two causes:

  • Poor Working Practices

Working on a ladder is inherently dangerous. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that they have taken all reasonable steps to keep you safe. This includes putting up railings to prevent falls, requiring all employees to wear harnesses when working at very great heights. It ensures that tasks do not require stretching or leaning across gaps when working on a ladder. All staff should have appropriate training in the policies and procedures that keep them safe when working in this way. If you fall from a ladder at work, you can claim compensation as result of your injury. Many of us write off a fall as us ‘being clumsy’. But it is your employer’s job to make sure that ‘being clumsy’ doesn’t lead you towards severe injury. If they don’t take precautions to keep you safe, it is their’s fault. Falls from a ladder can lead to lasting back, hip, or spinal injuries. It also gives nerve damage, broken bones, and concussions.

  • Poorly Maintained or Faulty Equipment

This includes a wide range of problems and injuries. Poorly maintained or faulty ladders can make falls and slips more likely. They can also collapse, causing significant damage to anyone unlucky enough to be underneath it. Alternatively, if you are using poorly maintained or inappropriate equipment while you are on the ladder, this may put you at an increased risk of accident, for example, it may mean that you need to use excessive force when using a screwdriver, causing you to overbalance if your hand slips. You have the right to expect that your job is not made more dangerous by having to use faulty or damaged equipment. If you have been injured as a result of having to use faulty equipment, you are likely to be eligible for compensation for your injuries.

Can I Make A Ladder Fall Claim?

Following your ladder fall, the thought of making a personal injury claim can be intimidating. We are here to help you understand the process and the requirements of the legal system. In order to make a compensation claim for your personal injury following an accident, several things need to be true.

There must be someone who is to blame for your ladder fall.

  • You can only make a claim for personal injury if someone had a responsibility to prevent or mitigate the situation you found yourself in (make the injury less severe) and failed to do so. Your employer, for example, is responsible for your safety whilst you are at work and when you are carrying out tasks related to your job.If you are not provided with the appropriate training, equipment and working environment to carry out your job safely, your employer could be liable (legally responsible) for any accident you suffer.

You must usually know who you consider being to blame.

  • There are a few circumstances where you may be able to make a claim against an unknown person, for example following a ‘hit and run’ car accident where you cannot identify the driver. In most normal circumstances, however, you will need to know who you are claiming against before we can begin your claim.

You must have sustained an injury and/or loss as a result of your injury.

  • The injury you sustain as a result of your accident need not be entirely physical in nature, as it is also possible to claim for psychological difficulties that have occurred as a result of your accident. Your claim amount is not limited to the immediate physical or psychological injuries you have sustained, but you cannot claim for near misses or accidents that did not lead to any actual consequences.
Ladder Fall Claims

Could I Lose My Job For Making A Ladder Fall Injury Claim?

It is illegal if your employer dismisses you if you bring a ladder fall at work claim. They can not punish you in any way. It includes firing you, passing you over for promotion or changing your duties to less desirable ones. The majority of employers would not want to punish an employee for claiming compensation. They need to recover fully after ladder fall at work. For the small number who might, knowing that you have a specialist team of solicitors working on your ladder fall at work claim may be enough to make them realize that such actions will put them in breach of their obligations under the law again. We will be with you all the way, and will remind your employers of their obligations, should this be necessary. You should never be in a position where you get punishment for seeking justice for your injury. If you have concerns about this or any other aspect of making a fall at work claim, call us. Dial 0121 565 4317  or use our online claims form. Our expert claims team will discuss your case with you. They will ensure that you get the help you need to obtain the compensation you deserve.

How Do I Make A Ladder Fall Claim?

Once you sign a no win no fee agreement, we are able to act on your behalf. This will involve us writing to the person or organization at fault in your ladder fall accident. We will inform them that you are bringing a personal injury compensation case against them. We will ask the other party to accept liability. This is the legal term for accepting that they were at fault for your accident. In many cases, this is very straightforward but other cases can be much more complex. We will put together the evidence and make sure that the right person is paying your compensation.

We conduct negotiations.

Once we know who was at fault for your ladder fall accident or injury and this has been agreed with them, we will conduct negotiations on your behalf. Although we will handle all of the correspondence and admin and give you our expert legal claims advice, you are in control throughout this process. We will inform you of every offer of compensation you receive. Even if we think that it is much, much too low, we will still inform. We will advise you on whether this offer is a fair one but the final decision of whether to accept or reject any offer is always yours.

Compensation Amounts For Ladder Fall Claims

Our personal injury claims solicitors are here to listen to the details of your case. We understand your accident, the full details of your personal injury as a result of your ladder fall accident and the ways in which these injuries have impacted your life. This means that we are able to ensure that you get the full compensation that you are entitled to. Judicial College (a national governing body) sets official guidelines that show the compensation amount for a particular injury. But these payments often make up only a small part of the compensation you are awarded. Compensation covers any costs or expenses you may have incurred as a result of your ladder fall.

What does this payment do?

These payments could be for the loss of earnings if you are unable to work for a period of time following your ladder fall accident, the cost of travel to and from work if you are able to return to work but not able to drive there yourself. They can also include much larger and more serious items, such as loss of future earnings if you are unable to continue in your previous job or making modifications to your home such as putting in a stairlift or moving to a wheelchair accessible home if this becomes necessary. By working with our team, you know that you are getting the best compensation deal that you can. We take your unique circumstances into account. Ladder Fall Claims

What If I Can’t Afford To Make A Ladder Fall Claim?

With our no win no fee arrangements, you will not pay anything upfront to make a compensation claim. We will take over all of the arrangements. You will only have to pay if we are able to win your claim. This allows us to take all of the risk to make a claim to get you the compensation you deserve. There is a very limited set of circumstances under which we are not able to offer no win no fee arrangements, for example, clinical negligence or if your accident was a result of someone else carrying out a criminal act. Under these circumstances, we would discuss the available options with you to make sure that you have the best possible chance of getting the justice you deserve. If you suffer a personal injury as a result of a ladder fall that wasn’t your fault, make a claim. Call us on 0121 565 4317  or use our online claims form to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.