Leg Amputation Claims

Leg Amputation Claims

Our leg amputation experts are here 7 days a week to start your compensation claims for anything injury that resulted in amputation.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of Leg Amputation either via a road accident or a workplace accident and it was not your fault, then our team of highly qualified professional amputation Solicitors are here to walk you through the leg amputation claims process.

We know how challenging it could be having gone through such a difficult experience so we are here to help you all the way. The lifestyle changes involved are life changing and for some people depression sets in. Here at Claim Justice, our leg amputation claims Solicitors involve getting you the best compensation that will enable you to afford the best prosthetic that will assist you to lead a life that is as normal as possible.

We have dealt with many leg amputation claims majority of which are as a result of road accidents, accidents at work and medical negligence so we know this industry very well.

Leg Amputation Claims Due To Medical Negligence

Amputations caused by medical negligence can be;

  • Misdiagnosis leading to wrong treatments and prescriptions which may eventually worsen the real medical condition and by the time the doctor realizes it is too late to save your leg.
  • Delay in diagnosis for some conditions such as diabetes or meningitis which worsens the condition and eventually making it mandatory to have a leg amputation due to the severity of the disease.

Leg Amputation Claims Due To Road Accidents

Road accidents are a major cause of Leg amputation claims presently. Road accidents can be car accidents or motorcycle accidents. Depending on the severity of the accidents, the doctor may recommend amputating the leg if it cannot be saved. In this case, you can start a compensation claim if the accident was not your fault.

If you have been involved in a road accident:

  • Seek medical attention immediately even if you don’t think the impact of the accident is too much. The impact of an accident may not be felt instantly and, some people ignore going for a check-up. You may have internal damage caused by accident, if not treated immediately, cause Leg amputation. You could have been avoided if you were checked earlier and put on medication. Also, failing to seek medical attention may make it harder to link your Leg Amputation to the accident. Especially if your complications arises after a long period of time.
  • Call the police. If you can if its possible. A police report is a very important document that is required in Leg Amputation Claims. A police report verifies your accident and has more details on when, how, who, and so forth, were involved in the accident.
  • Take photos. Photographic evidence of the accident scene is very important as this forms part of the evidence for your case.
  • Take witness details for example their phone numbers and addresses and so on. Their statements may be crucial so its best to get these details if they are possible to get.

Leg Amputation Claims Due To Work Accidents

Employers should provide their employees with safety equipment while they perform their duties. Some fail to do so while others do not replace equipment that has been used for long. Severe and traumatic workplace accidents are common and could leave the doctor with no other choice but to perform a leg amputation. Having a leg amputation due to an accident at work is catastrophic and no amount of compensation will take the feeling away but we will try our best to get you the best possible help available.

If you believe that your leg amputation was due to an accident at work that was not your fault, get in touch with our amputation Solicitors today and we will guide you on how to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injury.

In Amputations Claims - What Can You Claim For?

  • House renovations- More often than not, leg amputees will need several adaptations done on their existing homes. These projected costs will be part of your Leg Amputation Claim.
  • Suitable car – if you were used to driving, it’s obvious that after a leg amputation, this might not be possible. As part of your Leg Amputation Claims case, we include the cost of having your car modified to suit your present condition. Alternatively if not possible, we claim for a new car to facilitate your movements.
  • Cost of travel during treatment. This can be travel to the hospital seeking medical treatment. Keep all receipts to prove the costs.
  • Rehabilitation and therapy- After having a Leg Amputation, one may need months or even years of rehabilitation and counselling. With leg amputations comes the problem of restricted movements and the need to get support aids or prosthetic. Using prosthetic limbs, for example, needs a lot of training, support and practice. All this costs money that is beyond reach for majority of the people in the society. Our Amputation Solicitors will work out the costs and include it in your Leg Amputation Claim case.
  • Pain and suffering due to the accident. You are allowed to make claim for compensation for the mental trauma that this accident has caused you.

Do I Need To Go court For My Leg Amputation?

Most Leg Amputation claims do not go to court as most of the parties involved try as much to have an out of court settlement. However, if we cannot reach a fair agreement, the solicitors will opt to go to court especially where the victims Solicitor believes that they have a strong case and could get a better amount if they go to court.

In cases where we have to go to court, you shouldn’t be worried because we will be there to guide you throughout the whole process. Courts are scary to many but with a good team of solicitors like ours, we will be well prepared to face the defendants. Important to note is that all legal costs are covered if you are on a no win no fee agreement with us.

How We Prove Leg Amputation Claims Claims

Sometimes the third party may decline to accept responsibility for the accident. In such instances, you, with the help of your Amputation Solicitor require solid evidence to prove your claim. Some items that might be of use in building up your case include;

  • Witness statements – All persons who were present when the accident occurred will be interviewed and their statements cross examined by our solicitors.
  • Medical records proving that you were treated as a result of the accident.
  • Photographic evidence of the scene of accident
  • Records of the accident in the accident book at your workplace. Your solicitor will request your employer to hand over the accident book report if you reported the incident and if it was noted down. This is an acknowledgement that the accident actually happened at your place of work

To increase your chances of success, please give as much information as possible to your solicitor. In cases of road and work place accidents, the investigations have been done and there are reports with the police or your employer. The solicitor will request for these to examine and see how best to strengthen your case.

No Win No Fee Leg Amputation Claims Solicitors

Just at the name suggests, A No Win No Fee agreement is made between you and your Amputation Solicitor. This means that in case you don’t have a successful outcome in your case, then you don’t owe the solicitor any legal fees.

Our amputation solicitors will make a risk analysis on your leg amputation claim and based on the points scored according to our merit score, they can determine the success rate and therefore decide if they will take your case on a No Win No Fee basis.

Before the Solicitor takes the case, you both will have to agree on the percentage amount you will pay if you are compensated. This is commonly referred to as a success fee. However on some fronts it is just plainly referred to as legal costs. This arrangement is a life saver to people with financial limitations because with this agreement you are exempt from any financial burden that legal proceedings come with.

Leg Amputation Claims

Time Limits To Make a Leg Amputation Claim

Just like all the other personal injury claims, leg amputation claims have a time limit of three years. Within this time frame, you are allowed to make a claim for compensation. The three years can be the date from day, you discover your leg amputation.

Special class of people may however be exempted from this three year time limit. Children cannot claim by themselves until they are 18. The three years begin from when they are of legal age.

If you are expected to undergo a Leg Amputation Surgery, you might want to speak with a solicitor. It is better to do as early as possible. We will advise you on your best options regarding your leg amputation surgery.

To start your Leg Amputation Claim, contact us today on 0121 565 4317 and we will do the rest.

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