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Compensation Calculator

Our free compensation claims guide will help you calculator what you can get for your injuries.

Almost everyone who is considering making a compensation claim for a personal injury following a non fault accident will want to know how much compensation they are likely to receive for their accident or injury. This information helps you to decide whether the compensation available is worth the stress and emotional investment in making a compensation claim and going through the legal system. Most people will turn to a compensation calculator to help them with this.

The difficulty with compensation calculators is that they are only able to give you one part of the picture. Compensation amounts for a personal injury compensation claim can be complicated and it is important to get the advice of experienced personal injury solicitors to ensure that you are claiming for the full range of injuries and expenses that you are entitled to. We have included some guidelines and estimates here, but if you would like personalised advice regarding the compensation you can expect to receive following your accident or injury, call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. Our dedicated team of personal injury specialists will be able to guide you through the aspects of your compensation that are included in any compensation calculator, but we will also advise you as to any additional amounts that you might be able to claim as a result of the modifications or adaptations that you may have had to make following your accident or injury. These additional sums can often be far in excess of the compensation amounts suggested by online compensation calculators.

What Do Online Compensation Calculators Miss?

Online compensation calculators are almost always based on the guidelines published by the Judicial College, which is a regulating body for the legal profession. These guidelines offer broad ranges of appropriate compensation payment amounts for almost all conceivable injuries. A selection of these are shown below. The ranges are deliberately wide, to reflect the fact that there will be a wide range of individual difference in the experience of a single injury. Our highly experienced team are able to give you advice as to where in the range your injury is likely to be placed.

The compensation amounts accounted for by the Judicial College only account for one part of your compensation payment, however. The other part of your compensation claim comes from the costs and losses you might have suffered as a result of your accident and injury. These might include having to make changes to your home (or even having to move to a new, more accessible, home), employing a carer to look after you and any other costs associated with your care and rehabilitation. If you are unable to work as a result of your accident and injury, or if you have to change careers, you may also be able to claim for loss of earnings and loss of potential future earnings. The purpose of this type of compensation is to help you to get your life back to where it would have been if you hadn’t experienced your accident and injury.

This second part of your compensation can often prove to be much larger than that based on the pain and suffering of the injury itself and it is important that you include the increased costs in all aspects of your life that have come about as a result of your accident or injury. Experienced personal injury solicitors are able to listen to you as you explain how your life has been impacted by your accident or injury and ensure that we make the most appropriate claim to help you make all of the adjustments you need to help you heal quickly and adjust to any permanent or life altering conditions.

A selection of the most common compensation amounts suggested 

by the Judicial College guidelines include:


Compensation from


Less severe brain damage



Moderate brain damage



Moderately severe brain injury



Very severe brain damage



Simple nose fracture



Serious jaw fracture



Loss of smell



Loss of taste



Complete loss of sight in one eye



Total blindness



Back injury causing chronic permanent symptoms



Back injury recovering in 2-5 years



Serious back injury causing significant permanent impact



Severe back injury with spinal cord damage



Severe neck injury



Whiplash recovering within 3 months



Whiplash recovering between 3 months and 1 year



Whiplash recovering between 1 and 2 years



Moderate shoulder injury



Severe shoulder injury



Loss of one arm above the elbow



Fracture of one finger

Up to


Loss of both hands, or loss of use of both hands



Severe thumb dislocation



Very serious thumb injury



Elbow injury causing some long term problems



Severe, disabling elbow injury



Fractured forearms (between the elbow and the wrist)



Wrist fractures and other injury recovering in up to one year



Wrist injury causing permanent pain and stiffness



Hip or pelvis fractures causing long term problems



Minor Achilles tendon injury



Severed Achilles tendon successfully repaired by surgery



Knee injury causing mild long term problems



Knee injury causing serious long term problems



Fractured femur (thigh bone)



Loss of both legs below the knee






Serious short-term food poisoning



Injury causing lungs to collapse



Bronchitis and wheezing



Asbestosis and pleural thickening with low respiratory disability



Asbestosis and pleural thickening with significant respiratory disability



A single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars not to the face



Several noticeable scars or one disfiguring scar, not to the face



How do I begin to make a claim based on the compensation amounts I’ve been given by a compensation calculator?

Making a no win no fee personal injury compensation claim is very straightforward. The first thing to do is select your solicitor. Our team of expert personal injury solicitors are available on 0121 565 4317 or you can claim online to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. During this discussion, we will listen to your story to ensure that we understand the important details of your case. These include:

  • The circumstances of your accident. We need to know what happened and why. This is important as a key part of our case is showing that someone had a responsibility to avoid or mitigate (make less severe) your accident and that they were careless or negligent about this responsibility. We will need to know who you think was to blame and why.

  • The exact nature of your injuries. We need to know exactly what injuries you have sustained and how severe these are. In many cases, you may have injuries that you were not aware were related to your accident. An example of this is that many people who suffer arm injuries in an accident do not realise that their reduced grip strength might also be a symptom. Our highly experienced team have dealt with many personal injury compensation cases and know exactly what to ask to ensure that we understand everything that you’re going through. This will be similar to the information requested by any online compensation calculator.

  • The ways in which your accident and injuries have impacted your life. We need to know any additional expenses you might have incurred, either relating to your rehabilitation or to helping you to adapt to your injuries. These could include having to buy an automatic car if your arm injuries leave you struggling to drive a manual or loss of earnings if your injuries mean that you have been unable to work. These additional costs and difficulties will all be taken into account when calculating your compensation payment.

Once we have all of this information, we will be able to give you the best possible advice and, in almost all cases, offer our services on a no win no fee basis. Once you have signed a no win no fee agreement with us, we are able to act on your behalf and begin your compensation claim. We will write to the person responsible for your accident, informing them that you are making a personal injury compensation claim and asking them to accept liability (this is the legal term for accepting that they were at fault). We will gather evidence to support your claim that they were liable for your accident if necessary to put together the most compelling case.

Once liability has been agreed, we will carry out negotiations on your behalf to agree the appropriate level of compensation you are entitled to. This will usually be in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Judicial College, which gives advice as to how to calculate how much compensation different types of injury deserve. We will also make to calculate how much compensation you are due for any expenses you might have incurred, such as loss of earnings or having to make modifications to your home to facilitate your recovery. Although we will be conducting the negotiations on your behalf, you are always in control and the decision as to whether to accept or reject an offer of compensation will always rest with you.

If you are considering making a personal injury compensation claim and would like an accurate calculation as to how much compensation you can expect to receive, call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

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