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Accident at Work Claims

Had a accident at work? Call our expert claims Solicitors on 0121 565 4317 now to make a accident at work claim.

Accident at work is nothing new. When they happen, most people have no idea of how to go about with accidents claims as they might be scared or lack the necessary information about work injury claims. Most of the workplace accidents are as a result of human error ranging from wrongly placed equipment to wet floors and so on.

Possible Accident at work Instances

Accident at work can be avoided in a number of ways. Both the employer and employee have an obligation to keep the work environment safe for use for all. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that the workplace is hazard free. They are obligated to ensuring the employees are well trained on possible hazards and how to keep the workplace safe for use for all.

Another common cause of Accident at work claims is muscle strains. Anyone who regularly lifts heavy items at work knows the hazards that come with the job. Fortunately, muscle strain related accident at work claims can be avoided easily employers gave proper lifting techniques to their staff.

Falling objects are among the highest listed Accidents claims in Manchester. This is not just a warehouse environment problem. Free-falling objects from shelves or construction buildings can be very hazardous especially if the person hit was not aware of it. Providing adequate storage cages, for example in a ware house and reminding staff of proper storage and stacking methods as well as supervision to ensure that these policies and guidelines are followed will certainly go a long way in ensuring the Accident at work claims are drastically reduced.

Loud noise in the long run may lead to a injuries. In old industries a lot of workers end up being deaf especially after working for so many years under dilapidated conditions. Industrial caused deafness has led to millions of pay-outs annually and the number keeps increasing. Employers need to have proper ear protection mechanisms and equipment for their staff to curb the rising claims at work.

Cuts and burns are the other highest form of work-related compensation these are mostly caused by poor training, inadequate safety manuals and lack of protective equipment. While the employers will provide protective equipment, it is your duty as an employee to ensure they are put on properly.

Proper training, legible signage and access to all necessary safety machinery go a long way in reduction in accident at work claims. While you cannot be 100% safe you can always reduce the burden of pay-outs.

Accident at Work

Accident at Work Claims Procedure

Before making a claim at work, there is need for first response to be actioned. This is first aid and if not sufficient, then you need to see a doctor. Remember everyone who was around you when the accident occurred. If not, use other available channels to have them be witnesses in your report if you ever need to make an accident at work claim.

Ensure the authorities are informed and the relevant work department. This will kick start the investigation process before any compensation. Most of the companies are insured and have legal departments ready to battle out such cases in court. However, the majority of them prefer out of court settlement.

If you need help with your Accident at work claims process, our No win no fee solicitors are here and ready to help you. We have the experience to handle such cases. Have as much detail concerning the accident as possible the more evidence the better.

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