Compensation Claims

Find out everything you need to know below about compensation claims and how we can help you in claiming for compensation.

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, maybe through a car accident or an accident at work, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Compensation is the term for money you would receive either to mitigate the effects of your injury (such as getting specialist care, modifying your home after a severe accident or rehabilitation assistance) or to recognize the harm that has been done to you. Money doesn’t undo your injury, but it can be the only mechanism to obtain justice. Compensation after an injury at work, for example, means that your employers have admitted that they should have looked after you better and, hopefully, means that they will take steps in future to protect you and your co-workers.

What Are Compensation Claims?

Compensation claims are the legal process by which you ask for the compensation you are due after an injury where someone else is at fault. The most common types of accident where compensation is appropriate are accidents at work, where your employer has not taken reasonable steps to keep you safe, or road traffic accidents. It is also possible to claim in a wide variety of other situations, however. Slips, trips or falls in a public place, dog bites, medical negligence (where your doctor or other medical professional did not take adequate care of you) are all examples of potential compensation claims.
When making a compensation claim, it is always best to consult an experienced solicitor. Our team of expert solicitors are able to explain the process and ensure that you receive the correct amount of compensation for what happened to you. We will talk your situation through, making sure that we understand exactly what happened to you and the effect it has had on your life. Once we have all of this information, we will be able to guide you through making your claim and make sure that you have included all factors that might influence how much compensation you are entitled to.

What Factors Influence How Much Compensation I Can Receive For My Claim?

We recognize that you are an individual with unique circumstances. The amount of compensation you could receive once you make a claim depends on a variety of factors. These can include:
The exact nature of your injury. More severe injuries will lead to higher amounts of compensation. The severity of your injury is assessed in terms of pain and suffering and also loss of function.  A very painful injury will result in higher compensation than a less painful one. Accidents where you lose strength or range of movement will also receive higher payments.
How much the injury has affected your life. If you play football for your local amateur club and suffer a fall at work which stops you playing, this may lead to a higher compensation payout than you might otherwise receive.
Psychological harm and stress can also be taken into account in compensation claims. Post traumatic stress disorder following a very severe car accident, for example, would be included in your compensation claim. Psychological difficulties following an accident or injury are not easily visible, but we can guide you through getting evidence to support your claim, which may also help you access additional support and treatment as well.
Any financial losses you may have incurred. You should not be left worse off as a result of an accident or injury that is not your fault. Compensation is there to help you to get back to the state you were in before your injury. As a result, any financial losses you may have had are covered by your compensation claim. This can include loss of earnings, if you have been unable to work. If you are permanently unable to return to your former career, this may also include the loss of potential future earnings. If you have had to modify your home or car, or make other purchases to help you adjust to your injury or to help with your rehabilitation, these would also be included.  If you will require assistance for some time to come, the costs of this assistance will be estimated to ensure that you receive everything you need.
How much the other person is at fault. For the most part, this is not a factor in how much compensation you get for your injury. The compensation is intended to make things right for you, not to punish the other party. In extreme cases, however, awards can be increased where someone, an employer for example, has been extremely negligent and the court wants to make sure that they take their responsibilities seriously. It would be very rare for this to be a factor in your compensation claim.

Why People Start Compensation Claims?

The purpose of compensation claims is to attempt to make you no worse off than you would have been if the accident had not happened. It is not designed to punish others. The law recognizes that it is not always possible to undo things that have happened, and that sometimes money is the only way to recognize that someone has suffered pain or loss. It is a way for the person who was responsible for your accident to acknowledge that they have done wrong and for you to feel that your pain and suffering following your accident of injury has been taken seriously. Compensation claims are an essential part of our justice system, making sure that those who have been hurt due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence are taken seriously and get the justice they deserve.

When Am I Entitled To Claim For Compensation?

Compensation claims are only allowed where someone is at fault. In law, people are required to take reasonable care that they do not cause accidents or injure others. This is especially true for employers, who have what is called a ‘duty of care’. This means that your employer needs to make sure that they have taken all reasonable steps to make your workplace as safe as possible. This includes providing you with personal protective equipment (PPE), any training required to allow you to do your job safely and removing any hazards that it is practical to remove and highlighting others so that you know to be careful. If these things have not been done and you are injured as a result, you may be able to put in a no win no fee compensation claim. In general, you are allowed to claim for compensation when an accident has taken place as a result of someone either taking action which put you at risk or not taking action to minimize the risks to you and where you are hurt as a result.

Compensation Claims Payouts And Amounts

The amount of compensation you are entitled to claim following an accident or injury varies hugely. There are guidelines in place to suggest the typical range of payments for particular kinds of injuries, but these ranges are very broad to allow for a wide range of factors that might influence the payments. Our expert no win no fee personal injury solicitors will be able to give you a better idea as to how much compensation you might expect to receive for your claim.

How Much Will It Cost To Start My Compensation Claim?

With our no win no fee arrangements, you will not need to pay anything upfront to make a compensation claim for your accident or injury, whether it is as part of a road traffic accident, an accident at work or out in public. We will take over all of the arrangements and you will only have to pay if we are able to win your claim. This allows us to take all of the risk out of making a claim to get you the compensation you are entitled to. There are a very limited set of circumstances under which we are not able to offer no win no fee arrangements, for example clinical negligence or if your accident was as a result of someone else carrying out a criminal act. Under these circumstances, we would discuss the available options with you to make sure that you have the best possible chance of getting the justice you deserve.

Compensation Claims

How Do I Start A Compensation Claim?

To start making a claim for compensation, call our team of experienced no win no fee personal injury solicitors.  We will talk you through the process and find out exactly what has happened to you. We will then be able to tell you how much compensation you might expect to receive. Once you have signed a no win no fee agreement with us, we will be able to begin the process of getting you the payments you deserve. Compensation is there to make sure that you don’t lose out as a result of your accident or injury. Call us now on 0121 565 4317 or apply online to find out how we can help you to obtain justice after your accident.

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