Personal Injury Claims

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A Personal Injury claim is a legal case if you have suffered an accident such as trip, fall, or a life changing injury that your seeking to claim some form of compensation from the person or company who were responsible for the accident.

If you are intending to make a personal injury claim you need to to realize that you are time bound and it is therefore best to speak to a No Win No Fee Solicitor as soon as possible.

For most Personal Injury claims attributed to negligence, the time limit is set to three years from the time of the accident. However there are a few exempts. If your mental capacity was affected gravely by the Accident at Work or you discover the negligence much later and can prove it then the court can extend the three year limit.

Legal Costs for Personal Injury Claims

Accident Claims Solicitors,  are expensive as they charge by the hour. It is therefore best to seek the services of a our No Win No Fee Solicitors to represent you. No Win No Fee means that you don’t have to go through the stress of trying to raise a deposit to hire a solicitor. Instead, the risk is on the solicitor taking the case and in the event of a loss, the solicitor gets nothing, so this way our personal injury solicitors must make sure they need to win your claim. Your Personal Injury Claims Solicitor will advise you to take up insurance to cover the possible court fees that may arise if you lose your Personal Injury claim. If you win the case, the solicitors fee is paid from the compensation received from the defendants. This is referred to as a ‘success fee’.

If you are a member of a trade union, contact them as soon as the accident occurs and they will instruct their team of Personal Injury Claims Solicitors on your behalf. This way you don’t have to pay anything for the proceedings.

Compensation Amount For Personal Injury Claims

The amount of compensation you get in a Personal Injury Claim depends on the severity of the injury and the impact it has had on your life. For personal injury claims, there are two types of damages that you could possibly receive.

  • General damages- this is to compensate you for the pain, anguish and suffering you have gone through since the accident happened.
  • Special damages- this is to compensate you for the financial loses you have incurred since the accident happened.
    Personal Injury Claims

How to start my Personal Injury Claim

  • Contact our friendly team of advisers who will connect you to a solicitor specialized in the specific claim you want to make
  • We will organize a meeting with a personal injury claims solicitors and look into your proof of negligence and viability of your case
  • A specialized Personal Injury claims Solicitor will do a risk assessment and explain to you your options available to allow you make an informed decision.

If we think your case is viable for a Personal Injury claim, your solicitor will then explain the terms of engagement such as the fee expected if you win the case. If you are both happy to proceed, the solicitor will send a Conditional Fee Agreement. This is a legally binding document explaining your terms of engagement that you need to sign and return back. Once all this is done, the solicitor will then start gathering evidence in preparation for your case in court.

Anybody is entitled to make a Personal Injury Claim if they feel that their injuries were someone else’s fault and not theirs. Our Personal Injury Solicitors are highly trained to ensure that you get the highest possible compensation. For a detailed amount of how much you can expect off your claim, talk to us whenever you feel ready. Our phone lines are always open.

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