Shop Accident Claims

Our free claims guide is to help victims who have suffered an injury because of an accident in a shop. Our claims solicitors are here 7 days a week to start your claim for compensation.


Any shop, store or supermarket is required to make sure that the environment is safe for employees and customers alike. This means that there should not be any slip or trip hazards or that any hazards that cannot be removed must be clearly marked and highlighted. All surfaces that employees or members of the public may be in contact with must be kept safe. If the company has not done this and you trip, fall or suffer another form of preventable accident leading to injury, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

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Common Accidents That Happen In Shops

Shopping is a very low risk activity, with accidents in shops, stores and supermarkets being comparatively rare. When they do occur, however, it is essential that you receive the compensation you deserve. You are able to make an accident in shop compensation claim for injuries sustained during or as a result of any accident in a shop which could have been predicted and prevented or at least mitigated (made less serious). It is necessary to show that the owners, management or staff were negligent or careless with your safety and that your accident was a result of this carelessness. Examples of accidents that could lead to accident in shop claims include:

  • Slips, trips and falls. It is essential that anyone in charge of a shop ensures that the main pathways are kept clean, safe and free from any trip hazards. You would need to demonstrate that the staff or management of the shop were careless or negligent in order to make a claim following your slip or fall within a shop. If sufficient precautions are not taken to ensure your safety, for example by putting up signs to mark wet floors, clearing up any spillages promptly, avoiding items being left in the aisles and making sure that all flooring is flat and well maintained, the shop would be liable for any injuries you sustained if you slipped, tripped or fell on their premises. If you are unsure as to whether your accident could be attributed to negligence on the part of a supermarket or other shop, please call us on 0121 565 4317 or use our online claims form for a free call back. We will be able to assess the likelihood of you winning your claim and provide you with expert claims advice.
  • Falling objects. Many shops aim to keep as much of their stock accessible as possible and to minimise the time spent re-stocking shelves. Unfortunately, this business priority can sometimes lead them to place more stock on the top shelves than can be safely secured, resulting in the risk of injury to you if something falls while you are walking past. Provided you are acting in a manner that would be considered reasonable for the situation (i.e. you are not clambering onto the shelves to reach items far above you), the shop would be considered at fault if you were to be injured by something falling onto you.
  • Injuries sustained from doors or other surfaces. Everything you are expected to interact with in a shop or supermarket needs to be safe. This means that you should be able to hold on to handrails, open and close doors and generally behave in ways that you would expect, given the environment. If something does not operate as expected and you are injured as a result, the supermarket may be liable. This includes if automatic doors close too strongly, meaning that your hands or fingers are stuck or crushed or if handrails or other commonly-touched surfaces have sharp edges and you are scratched or cut.
  • Uneven or poorly maintained paving or other surfaces outside of the shop. The responsibility of the shop owners often does not end at their front doors, especially for larger, out of town stores. If they have an outside area or car park, they may also be responsible for making sure that these areas are kept safe and secure and free of defects and unnecessary or unexpected hazards. If you slip, trip or fall in the car park outside a shop or supermarket, you may be able to claim compensation.

It is important to remember that this is only a list of examples. If your accident or injury is not listed above, please call us on 0121 565 4317 or use our online claims form to see whether you can make an accident in a shop claim.

Shop Accident Claims

How To Make Shop Accident Claims

Making a personal injury compensation claim for an accident in a shop follows the same steps as any other personal injury claim.

  • 1. We will write to the shop owners, notifying them that you are making a personal injury claim for your accident in their shop. In this letter, we will ask them to admit that they were at fault for your accident (this is called accepting liability), outline the basics of your case and give them a deadline to respond to us.
  • 2. If they accept liability for your accident, we would then move on to the next step. If, as often happens early on in a claim, they do not accept that they were at fault for your accident (this is known as disputing liability), we will gather evidence to support your claim. This can be easier if we have access to photographs, videos or contact details of witnesses, if you were in a position to gather those at the time or shortly after the event. If you were not in a position to arrange that, as most people are not, we will set about finding the evidence we need. This could be through witness statements, arranging for experts to go the site of the accident and prepare a report or by getting copies of any police report, for example. The majority of cases in which liability was disputed initially end with the other party accepting liability once they are shown the evidence we have gathered.
  • 3. Once liability has been agreed, we will carry out the negotiations to agree how much compensation you deserve on your behalf. Although we will be conducting the negotiations, you will still have total control. We will inform you of every offer the other party make and give you our expert opinion as to whether the offer is a fair one or not. Often, parties make a much lower offer than you are entitled to as their first offer (known as a lowball offer) to see whether you will accept it. With our help, you can be sure that you are getting the full amount that you deserve. Although we will advise you regarding each offer, the decision about whether to accept or refuse will always be your decision and we will never try to pressure you in any way.
  • 4. It is extremely rare that liability and the amount of compensation cannot be agreed between the two parties. If you are unfortunate enough to end up being one of those very rare cases, your case may need to go to court to find an agreement. If this happens, we will be with you throughout the process, making sure that you are fully informed about what is happening and why. The friendly support of our experienced team can make all the difference to how stressful your court appearance might be.

Compensation Amounts For Shop Accident Claims?

The amount of compensation that you can claim for your accident in a shop differs depending on a variety of factors. These include the severity of your injury, how much it has affected your life and how it much it has cost you financially. The point of compensation is to try to get you back to where you would have been had you not been injured, so the worse the injury has been, the more compensation you are entitled to.

We will always make sure that we let you know from the start how much compensation we believe you are entitled to, based on the information you tell us. During the negotiations, we will explain the reasoning behind the offer made by the other side and let you know whether we think that it is a reasonable offer. No matter what advice we give you, it is always your decision whether to accept an offer of compensation or not. We will support you through the whole process.

Shop Accident Claims

Can I Make A No Win No Fee Shop Accident Compensation Claim?

At Claim Justice, we also don’t believe that you should be prevented from getting the compensation you deserve by high legal fees. This is why we offer our services on a no win no fee basis to the majority of our clients. A no win no fee agreement means that you will not have to pay anything at all to begin your shop accident claim. As soon as you have signed the agreement, we are able to act on your behalf. You will only pay for our services once you receive the compensation you deserve. If we are unable to get justice for you following your accident in a shop, you won’t have to pay anything. Many clients also worry that the legal fees they might incur could be higher than the amount of compensation they might receive. We will discuss our fees with you before starting any work, and we only take a percentage of the final payment you receive. This means that you can rest assured that you won’t ever be left worse off for trying to get the compensation you deserve.

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