Making A Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury

Our injury claims solicitors are available 7 days a week to help you claim for any kind of person injury claim you may suffered because of someone else’s fault.

  • Personal Injury is any sort of physical or mental injury that inflicts on a person as a result of an accident or damaged reputation. Therefore, a Personal Injury Claim is a legal proceeding. It allows the person to recover financial compensation from the third party if they can prove negligence on their part.
  • Personal injuries are common at workplaces and compensation can be categorized as General or Special damages.
  • General damages. This is the compensation amount you receive as a claimant for any psychological difficulties you may have undergone as a result of the accident.
  • Special damages, on the other hand, take care of the financial losses accrued since the accident occurred. This can be travel expenses, medical and prescription costs, loss of earnings, care costs either from family or friends or professionals.
  • The amount you receive as compensation for a Personal Injury Claim is dependent on the severity. Also on how it impacts your life.

Common Personal Injury Claims in UK

  1. Road Accident Claims

Personal Injuries caused by road accidents are the most common types of Personal Injury claims in Britain. Despite the health and safety clauses and improvements over the years, this remains to be the most common cause of injuries. You are eligible to claim for motorcycle accidents, car accidents, taxi accidents, lorry accidents, passenger accident claims, or pedestrian accident claims.

  1. Accidents at Work

While your employer is bound by the law to always ensure the safety of his employees and visitors around the work area, it is not always the case as accidents still occur every now and then. Work accidents can be caused by slips trips and falls, falling objects, weak risk assessments putting everyone at risk, lack of personal protective equipment. If you think that your Personal Injury was a result

Are there timelines for claiming personal injury?

The answer is YES. If you suffer a Personal Injury as a result of an accident, then you can claim compensation within 3 years. The earlier you contact us to make a claim the better. Sometimes it takes longer to find witness statements that we need to support your case.

How Long will my personal injury claim take?

A Personal Injury Claim can take between weeks to months before it concludes. While it is every victim’s wish to complete the process with a win as soon as possible. It is not always the case.

We cannot give exact timelines. But we try to ensure that we work as fast as we can to get you your compensation as possible.

Will my personal injury claim go to court?

While most of the Personal Injury Claims we handle don’t end up in court there are a few exceptions. If the other part disputes liability, we may need to go court.

We know that most claimants do not want to go to court. But if this happens then we will prepare you and will be with you every step of the way. We will inform you on what to anticipate for and other possible scenarios according to nature of your personal injury.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Amounts

The amount of compensation you receive depends on how it impacts your life. The more the severity of the accident the higher the amount you are likely to receive as compensation.

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