Find out everything you need to know about no win no fee claims and how does it all work. Read below to find out more.

No Win No Fee Explained

If you have had an accident or suffered a personal injury that wasn’t your fault, a no win no fee agreement (also known as a conditional fee arrangement or CFA) is a safe and easy way to get 100% of the compensation you are entitled to. With a no win no fee agreement, you don’t have to pay anything to pursue your claim.

We know that the aftermath of an accident or injury is stressful enough, without worrying about solicitors’ fees. Our expert solicitors will work to get you the settlement you deserve without any risk. And you get to keep 100% of the compensation. You can call or apply online. Our team will discuss your accident to see whether you qualify for no win no fee agreement.

What Does No Win No Fee Mean?

With a no win no fee arrangement, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. When you call or apply online, we will have a short conversation to understand exactly what happened to you and it’s impact on your life and to make sure that we think you have a strong likelihood of winning your case. If we will be able to help you, we take over all of the arrangements and accept all of the risk. If we win your claim, the other party covers the cost of our fees as well as paying you the compensation you deserve. In case if we fail to get you compensation, you still won’t pay a penny. If you’re not eligible for no win no fee, we discuss alternative options with you. All discussions are clear and upfront, so you know that you’ll never end up with unexpected costs.

Will I Pay To Start a Person Injury Claim?

The best thing about a no win no fee arrangement is that, whether it’s possible to win your no win no fee case for you or not, you won’t need to pay anything. If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t need to pay a penny. If we win, you still get to keep all of your payouts. Your claim is there to compensate you for the pain, distress, and suffering you have experienced as a result of your no-fault accident or injury, as well as for the impact on your work and social life. We believe that you deserve 100% of your compensation. In the event of a win, our costs are covered by the losing side. It means that it doesn’t affect you at all. All you need to do is concentrate on getting better.

Are All Cases Offered Under No Win No Fee?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer no win no fee arrangements with all cases. It depends on the type of case and the likelihood of success. The most common cases that are not available with no win no fee are medical negligence (when you have suffered as a result of a doctor or other medical staff not giving you the care you deserve) and criminal injury compensation (a government scheme designed to compensate the victims of violent crime). We will let you know whether your case is eligible for no win no fee before you make any decisions. If we are not able to offer no win no fee, we will discuss alternative funding arrangements.

Common Cases Covered Under No Win No Fee Include:

  • Personal injury claims

    • Hand injuries
    • Spinal injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Burns and scalds
    • Disfigurement
    • Loss of a limb (amputation)
    • Nerve damage
    • Scarring
    • Dog bites
    • Eye injuries
    • Knee injuries
  • Accident at work claims

    • Manual handling accidents
    • Acid spills or contact with other corrosive substances
    • Needle stick injuries as the result of your job
    • Accidents in the construction industry and on building sites
    • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
    • Accidents resulting from violence in the workplace (prisons etc)
    • Asbestos-related injury
  • Road traffic accident claims

    • Driving accidents
    • Accidents in car parks
    • Cyclist injuries
    • Pedestrian injuries
    • Hit and run incidents
    • Motorbike accidents
    • Whiplash
  • Slips, trips or falls

    • Falling at work
    • Falls from height
    • Trips as a result of potholes and poorly maintained paving

Who Covers The Costs Under No Win No Fee Agreements?

In the event that we win your no win no fee claim for your accident, the other side will pay our costs. If you have been in a traffic accident, for example, this would be the other driver’s insurance company. If this was an accident at work, your employer’s insurance company would be responsible for making the payments. These costs will be agreed with the court. This would include any minor costs known as disbursements (such as postage or travel to court) that you might have incurred.

As professional no win no fee solicitors, we take out an insurance policy known as an “after the event” policy, which will cover those same fees if we are not able to win your claim for you. This includes our fees, any legal fees you may be liable for from the other side, and any small disbursements you may have had to pay out, the same as if you had won. This means that we are able to offer truly risk-free help when you need it most. No win no fee allows you to seek the compensation you deserve without worry. If your accident or injury wasn’t your fault, we don’t believe that you should be out of pocket trying to get the compensation you deserve.

No Win No Fee

What To Do If You Think You Might Be Eligible To Make A Claim?

If you think you might have a no win no fee claim, the first thing to do is call our friendly, professional team on 0121 565 4317, or apply online. We will listen to what happened to you, making sure that we properly understand the facts of the case and the impact it has had on you. Once we have all the information, we will explain your options in a straightforward, jargon-free language. We will explain all steps of the process and make sure that you understand each stage before we start. We want your no win no fee claim to be as easy an experience as possible.

What Are The Risks If I Don’t Want To Use a No Win No Fee Arrangement?

If you pursue a claim for an accident or personal injury without a no win no fee agreement, you will pay your solicitor an upfront payment to take your case on. If the case takes longer to complete, you may make further payments for work to continue. The biggest difficulty comes if you aren’t able to win your case, as you would still be liable for these costs, and potentially also for the legal costs incurred by the other side. Legal costs can run into thousands of pounds, potentially leading to financial hardship, further stress and possibly you having to abandon the case. We believe that no win no fee is the best option for clients who have been injured or had an accident that was not their fault. We will always make sure that we explain all options to simply and clearly, though, so you can decide.

Is No Win No Fee The Best Option For Me?

In general, a no win no fee arrangement is the most appropriate option to resolve accidents or injuries where you are not at fault. It gives you the benefit of our expert team of solicitors without having to pay anything upfront. No win no fee allows you to get the full compensation you deserve without risk. You get peace of mind, knowing that we are working tirelessly on your behalf. Because, if your accident or injury wasn’t your fault, why should you have to pay to get it to put right? With no win no fee, you don’t have to.

 No Win No Fee

Why Choose Our No Win No Fee Solicitors?

We are an experienced team, who are passionate about getting you the compensation you deserve. Our team wants to make you feel supported and confident throughout the process of making a claim. We recognize that making a claim for an accident or personal injury is incredibly stressful, even with a no win no fee agreement. Our aim to take away all of the stress of the paperwork and work with the courts and let you concentrate on the most important thing, getting better.

We offer a straightforward, professional service aimed at getting you the compensation you need quickly and efficiently without complicated jargon or excessive form-filling. Our friendly team will take the time to understand the nature of your claim and the impact it has had on your life. Once we understand properly, we can then make sure that we put in the most appropriate claim, getting you the compensation you need to get on with living your life.