The period after an accident or injury can be very stressful and also financially difficult. You may be aware that you would be able to make a compensation claim but be worried about whether you can afford it. This is where our no win no fee agreements come in. No win no fee compensation claims mean that we are able to offer you our services with no upfront costs.

No win no fee personal injury solicitors are often known as ‘free solicitors’, but this can be a little misleading. We don’t believe that anyone should be barred from seeking justice for their personal injury through a lack of money, so our services are free unless and until you receive your compensation payment. A no win no fee agreement means that you don’t have to make any payments upfront and you will not have to pay a penny if we are unable to get you the compensation you deserve.

Additionally, we want to make sure that you get the benefit of the compensation you are awarded. This means that our fees come from a percentage of your compensation award. You will always receive the lion’s share of the payment. We want you to be able to get justice for the accident or injury that you suffer without having to worry about the cost. This frees you up to concentrate on getting better while we pursue your claim.

Our expert team of personal injury solicitors are here to help with our free, no-obligation consultation. This allows you to be in control of the process at all times. If you think that you might be able to make a compensation claim for an accident or injury, call us. Dial 0121 565 4317 or claim online.

How Does Making A No Win No Fee Claim For My Accident Or Injury Work?

Making a no win no fee personal injury compensation claim is very straightforward. The first thing to do is select your free solicitor. Our team of expert personal injury solicitors are available on 0121 565 4317 or you can claim online to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. During this discussion, we will listen to your story to ensure that we understand the important details of your case. These include:

1. The circumstances of your accident. We need to know what happened and why.

This is important as a key part of our case is showing that someone had a responsibility to avoid or mitigate (make less severe) your accident and that they were careless or negligent about this responsibility. We will need to know who you think was to blame and why.

2. The exact nature of your injuries.

We need to know exactly what injuries you have sustained and how severe these are. In many cases, you may have injuries that you were not aware of were related to your accident. An example of this is that many people who suffer arm injuries in an accident do not realize that their reduced grip strength might also be a symptom. Our highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors have dealt with many personal injury compensation cases and know exactly what to ask to ensure that we understand everything that you’re going through.

3. The ways in which your accident and injuries have impacted your life.

We need to know any additional expenses you might have incurred, either relating to your rehabilitation or to helping you to adapt to your injuries. These could include having to buy an automatic car if your injuries leave you struggling to drive a manual or loss of earnings if your injuries mean that you have been unable to work. These additional costs and difficulties will all be taken into account when calculating your compensation payment.

Once we have this information, and you sign an arrangement, we are able to act on your behalf. This means that we will:

We contact the responsible

Write to the other party to notify them of your intention to make a claim and asking them to accept liability (this is the legal term for accepting that they are at fault) for your accident and injury.

We gather evidence

Gathering evidence to support your claim in the event that the other party is unwilling to accept liability. This can include statements from experts, CCTV evidence, and getting accounts of the accident from witnesses.


Once liability has been agreed, conducting negotiations to agree on how much compensation you will receive. In these negotiations, we will pass on details of every offer the other party makes and will give you our expert opinion as to whether this is a fair offer or not. The final decision as to whether to accept or reject an offer of compensation will always be yours. If you chose to reject an offer of compensation, we will write to the other party explaining your position and giving the reasons we believe that the offer is insufficient, for example, if we believe that they have not properly accounted for any expenses you may have incurred as a result of your injury.

By taking over the majority of the work when it comes to making your personal injury compensation claim, we free you up to devote your time and energy to get your life back on track. Call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online and we will begin the process of making your personal injury compensation claim.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Compensation Payments And Amounts

Our personal injury ‘free’ solicitors are here to listen to the details of your case, making sure that we understand what happened to you, the full details of your personal injury as a result of your accident, and the ways in which these injuries have impacted your life. This means that we are able to ensure that you get the full compensation that you are entitled to.

Judicial College (a national governing body) sets official guidelines that show the level of compensation for a specific injury. These payments often make up only a small part of the compensation you receive. Compensation also covers any costs or expenses you may incur due to your accident or injury. These payments could be for loss of earnings if you are unable to work for some time. Else the cost of travel to and from work if you are not able to drive there yourself. Further, it may include loss of future earning if you are unable to continue in your previous job. It may also cover modifications to your home. It includes putting in a stairlift or moving to a wheelchair accessible home if necessary. By working with our team, you know that you are getting the best compensation deal that you can. We take your unique circumstances into account.

Am I Eligible For A No Win No Fee Compensation Claim?

Almost all of our clients are able to receive our services on a no win no fee basis. This is because it is the easiest and least risky way of accessing the legal help you need to make your personal injury compensation claim. There are a very few cases, such as medical negligence cases, where we are not able to offer a no win no fee agreement, but we would discuss this with you if you fall into this category and would offer alternative funding models to find something that worked for you.

There are several conditions that must be met for you to make any personal injury compensation claim, whether with a ‘free’ no win no fee solicitor, or otherwise.

These are:

  • It occurred in a place or as a result of the actions of someone who had a responsibility to keep you safe. This is the case for almost all public spaces, such as offices, shops, public parks and also on the roads.
  • The accident or injury could have reasonably been predicted or foreseen. This doesn’t mean that the other person actually did predict that this could have happened. It is based on whether they should have predicted this. In some circumstances, there is an expectation that the other person should actually have put some effort into thinking about possible accidents. An example of this would be your employer if your accident happened at work.
  • The other person did not take sufficient action to prevent or mitigate your accident or injury. This means that you can still make a personal injury compensation claim, even if the other party took some action to improve safety. It comes down to an assessment of whether the actions they took were reasonable and sufficient.

There is a huge range of different types of accident that are eligible for the assistance of ‘free’ solicitors for your compensation claim. These include:

  • Road Traffic Accidents:

    • Car Accident Claims

    • Bus Accident Claims

    • Motorway Accident Claims

    • Motorbike Accident Claims

    • Lorry Accident Claims

    • Coach Accident Claims

  • Accidents At Work:

    • Forklift Accident Claims

    • Ladder Fall Claims

    • Factory Accident Claims

    • Warehouse Accident Claims

    • Scaffold Accident Claims

    • Office Accident Claims

    • Construction Claims

  • Accidents In A Public Place:

    • Supermarket Claims

    • Hotel Accident Claims

    • Accident in Shop Claims

    • Gym Accident Claims

    • Prison Accident Claims

  • Criminal Injury Claims

  • School Accident Claims

  • Holiday Accident Claims

Although this list is long, it is not exhaustive. If your accident or injury is not included in this list, please call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online to discuss the possibility of making a personal injury compensation claim. Our team will be happy to discuss your case with you and give you our honest, unbiased advice based on years of experience of personal injury compensation claims. We will give you our estimate of the likelihood of your claim being successful and the amount of compensation we believe you might be entitled to. We will also explain whether we are able to offer our services on a no win no fee basis. If we are not able to offer you a no win no fee agreement, we will discuss alternative funding options with you.