Supermarket Accident Slips And Trips

Supermarket Accident Slips And Trips

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Supermarkets have put millions of pounds into researching the environments that make us most likely to spend money. It includes colorful displays, bright lighting, and shiny, clean floors. Unfortunately, these conditions of bright lights combined with hard, smooth floors combined with large numbers of people and the opportunity for a wide variety of spilled liquids can lead to supermarkets being hazardous. Slips, trips, and falls are common in supermarket accidents and many of these could have been foreseen and prevented.

If you slip, trip or fall at a supermarket and it wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible for compensation. Say if we can prove that the supermarket could have done something to avoid your accident but failed to do so, you may be eligible for a financial payment to compensate you for the pain and suffering you have experienced as well as to ensure that you get your life back on track following the accident. If you think that you might be able to make a supermarket slip claim, call us. Dial 0121 565 4317 or claim online to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. We take the time to listen to your situation. We try to offer you the very best legal advice base on your unique circumstances.

Slips, Trips, Falls And Accidents In A Supermarket

Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere and are usually not cause to make a personal injury claim. If there was something someone could have done to help prevent or mitigate (make less serious) your accident or injury and they failed to do this, however, you may be able to make a claim. Common causes of slips, trips or falls in a supermarket include:

Wet floors.

  • Floors made wet, slippery and therefore unsafe as a result of poor weather. If you slip on a floor made wet by a large number of people coming and going from the supermarket on a wet or snowy day, you may think that this is ‘just one of those things’. In fact, the supermarket should anticipate the large number of people coming and the impact that the weather might have. They could have put in sufficient mats to allow excess water to be removed from people’s shoes when first entering the shop, have put up signs to warn you about a potentially slippery floor and made sure that their staff were mopping the floor on a regular basis. Given that they could have anticipated the circumstances that would lead to an accident, they could be considered negligent if they did not do these things to keep you safe.

Dropped products creating spills within the store.

  • Although the supermarket is not to blame for items being dropped by other customers, they must be alert to the possibility of this happening and they must respond appropriately when it does. This should include putting up wet floor signs immediately, especially if the spillage is of a clear liquid that would be hard to see. They should also ensure that a staff member cleans up the area promptly. He should ensure to remove the hazard as quickly as possible.

Products ready to go onto the shelves being left in aisles.

  • Keeping the shelves of a supermarket stoked with all our favourite products is a never-ending task. They must do it in a way that does not put shoppers at risk, however. It is reasonable to expect that you would see and avoid large cages containing all of the products about to be put on the shelves, so you might not be able to claim if you trip over one of these. A few products on the floor, however, would be well away from eye height and could be relatively easy to trip over. Proving liability would be based on whether it would be reasonable to anticipate that someone might trip over the items. The smaller and more hidden the items that caused your fall, the more likely you are to be able to make a successful supermarket slip claim.

Cables, leads, or other trip hazards lying across walkways.

  • As with products they leave in the aisles, cables and other trip hazards should not be permitted to put members of the public at risk. You are less likely to be able to claim for a slip, trip or fall if you trip over a power cable connected to a floor cleaner being used right next to you than you are if you trip over a cable that connects to an unattended piece of machinery or one that is out of sight.

Uneven or poorly maintained flooring.

  • Peeling floor tiles or uneven flooring can be very hard to spot and easy to fall over. It is essential that all flooring is kept in a good condition and it would be their negligence if the shop fails to make any repairs quickly. If the damage to the flooring leads to a high risk of a slip, trip or fall, it might also be necessary for the management of the supermarket to use signs or hazard tape to alert you and make sure that you are careful. If they don’t do these things and you sustain a fall as a result, you may be eligible for compensation.

Uneven or poorly maintained paving or other surfaces outside of the shop.

  • The responsibility of the supermarket management often does not end at their front doors. If they have an outside area or car park, they are also responsible for making sure that these areas are safe and secure and free of defects and unnecessary hazards. If you slip, trip, or fall in the car park outside a supermarket, you may still be able to make a supermarket slip compensation claim.

How Does Claim Justice Help For Supermarket Accident Claims Victims?

Claim justice have expert personal injury solicitors who help people just like you make a supermarket slip compensation claim. We understand that the process of making a claim for your supermarket accident or injury can be deeply stressful. And we want to take as much of that worry away from you. This is why we offer our services on a no win no fee basis to the majority of our clients. No win no fee means that you don’t worry about finding the money to pay for legal services at the beginning. As you sign a no win no fee agreement, we act on your behalf and begin to progress your claim.

Legal fees can be expensive and may exceed the compensation amount especially for the more complex cases. That’s why no win no fee agreements put a cap on our fees at a percentage of your compensation payment. This means that you will not pay a penny if we fail your case. And also that, if we win, you know that you will get the large majority of the compensation amount. This peace of mind allows you to concentrate on getting better. Meanwhile, we deal with the process of making your claim.

Supermarket Accident Slips And Trips

Can I Claim For Losses Following My Supermarket Accident Claim?

We are here to listen to the details of your case, making sure that we understand your accident. We will ask how it impacts your life. Judicial College sets official guidelines that show the level of compensation for particular injuries. But these payments often make up only a small part of the compensation you receive. Compensation covers any costs or expenses you may incur due to your supermarket slip. These payments could be for loss of earnings if your injuries limit you to work. It covers the cost of travel to and from work if you are unable to drive there yourself. They can also include loss of future earning if you can’t your previous job or making modifications to your home. Putting in a stair lift or moving to a wheelchair accessible home if necessary. We take your unique circumstances into account to prepare a strong case for compensation.

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