Work Injury Claims

Work Accident Claims

Work injury compensation is an easy process if you make a claim with us. Our accident claim solicitors are here to help you 7 days a week and we offer free advice.

You could be eligible for work accident claims if you have been injured as a result of the negligence of the health and safety procedures. The law stipulates that employers are responsible for the safety of their employees as well as their visitors.

Common Causes of Work Injury Claims

  1. Poor or wrong working practices
  2. Poorly maintained machinery
  3. Poor risk assessments
  4. Trips and falls
  5. Repetitive strain Injuries
  6. Inadequate personal Protective Equipment
  7. Burn injuries
  8. Vehicle crashes

Can I make a Work Injury Compensation Claim?

You are eligible for a work accident claim if you can prove negligence by the third party. The compensation received can be to cover general or special damages. General damages involve compensation for personal injuries and mental damages the victim has gone through. You can claim for the care and support you received from friends or relatives during that period even if they didn’t charge. Special damages are all financial damages that the victim has gone through as a result of the accident. Some special damages you can claim compensation for can be:

  • Accommodation costs when travelling for medical reasons.
  • Medical and prescription costs.
  • Loss of income – If you have been signed off work for a period as you recover, then you don’t receive your full wages.
  • Lost holidays because of medical reasons caused by the accident. You can claim to be reimbursed your money back for pre-planned holidays that cannot happen due to a work accident.

Work Accident Claims

Work Accident Claims Amounts?

The amount of compensation you receive for Personal Injury depends on the severity of the injury. Our accident Solicitors are here to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation amount for any work related injury. It is impossible to have an estimate of how much you would expect for your work accident claim until an accident claims Solicitor assesses your case and tells you what exactly you can claim compensation for. Talk to our expert advisers for free advice on what to anticipate for.

When can I make a Work Injury Claim?

In UK, all Work Accident Claims can be made within a three year period unless the claimant suffered a traumatic brain damage which leaves them in a vegetative state and therefore impossible for them to make compensation claims by themselves.

No Win No Fee Work Accident Claims

We have a team of qualified No Win No Fee Accident Solicitors who are on standby to give FREE CONSULTATION and advise you on the best way forward.

Our No Win No Fee work accident claims Solicitor will first do a risk assessment before deciding on whether they can start your claim or not. A No Win No Fee Agreement dictates that the Work Accident solicitor starts the case and he can only receive a payment, commonly referred to as ‘success fee’, only if he wins the case. With this type of agreement, the claimant is left completely indemnified of any costs in case you lose the case. For any Work Accident Claims, we recommend using a No win No fee solicitor to protect yourself from further additional costs to your medical and other financial losses that you may have gone through.

For a free No Obligation consultation advising on your options for Work Accident Claims, feel free to contact us on 0121 565 4317 and we will be ready to assist you.

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