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There are several causes of when you might Amputation Claims Solicitors for compensation of amputations cases. Amputations can vary from the loss of a finger, toe to the loss of arms or legs. To say that this is devastating is an understatement. Loss of any human body part however small it may look is life changing.

Amputation is always the last resort of treatment. For this purpose we are here to help you make claims for compensation. Losing a limb through an amputation doesn’t mean that you have to lose your independence. At Claim Justice, our team number 1 rule is helping our clients to adjust to their lifestyle after an amputation claim. Link them up with the right professionals after having successful claims for Amputation.

Types of Amputations Claims

Amputations can be as a result of traumatic experiences or surgical procedures which are inevitable.

Traumatic amputations occur when a sudden incident causes an immediate loss or damage to a limb. It can be for example accidents at work due to machinery, road accidents, explosions or electric shocks and so on. Traumatic amputations majorly involve life threatening situations and require immediate response team at the scene of the accident. In cases where the limb is unable to attach then they do surgery  to shape the remaining limb.

Surgical Amputations aim to save a patient’s life. They help to a person’s tissues or bones that have been so severely damaged. It helps when the bones cannot be reconstructed medically by surgeons. Sometimes the surgeons may try to re attach the limbs and monitor the healing process over weeks. However, some surgeries are not successful and the limb worsens making an amputation inevitable.

In both cases it is extremely sad when negligence is the cause of your amputation procedure. We believe that you deserve justice. Whether you can afford it or not, here at Claim Justice, we take cases that are beyond reasonable doubt. We only request for payment after we win. We call this No Win No Fee. So financial barriers should not be a reason not to sue for compensation if you met accident by third party.

If you feel ready to start a claim for amputation, then call us today on 0121 565 4317 and our team of friendly, legally trained Solicitors will advise you on the way forward.

Work Accident Amputation Claims

The Health and Safety Act has key guidelines on the responsibilities of your employer towards you. An employer

  • Has the duty to ensure their employers health safety and welfare is taken care of
  • Has to carry out risk assessments and address all possible risks at your workplace
  • Make available the risk assessments reports, let you know measures they have taken to protect you as their employee, and provide training on how to deal with these risks.

If an employer goes against any legal obligation towards you, for example, not ensuring that machines are regularly serviced and training continually done on the machine operators and then an accident occurs that makes you lose your limb, then you are allowed by law to make a compensation claim for amputation.

Amputations Caused By a Road Accidents

Road accidents can be between cars (multiple or single), in a car crash, pedestrians who are hit by cars that lose control or are driven by drank drivers or cyclists. If you are a driver who met a car accident and lose a limb and it wasn’t your fault. Then you can make a claim for compensation against the third party for amputation.

Road accidents involving pedestrians also can be eligible for a claim for amputation if this accident was not your fault. Pedestrians who are liable for the accidents, for example, are not keen on where there are going cannot make claims against the drivers. However, if the accident occurs due to poor vehicle control, drunk or dangerous driving, then the we allow pedestrian to make a claim for compensation for any injury.

Road accidents involving motorbikes are also a common claim for amputation if accident causes a loss of body part. If you are a victim of amputation as a result of this, get in touch with us.

Around 1 in every 12 drivers in the UK are uninsured. This means that any of us could meet an accident with an uninsured driver making it more complicated. The issue of uninsured drivers brings into light the menace of hit and run accidents. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot claim for amputation if the accident was not your fault. The Motor Insurance Bureau has the mandate to help amputees who find themselves in such circumstances. As long as there is proof that the accident wasn’t your fault, The Motor Insurance Bureau will always bear the burden and you will be compensated for all your losses.

Amputation Claims Caused by Medical Negligence

Often than not you may fall victim of medical negligence. Medical negligence can be described as substandard care offered by a medical practitioner, for example a doctor or a nurse, which has directly caused the patient injury or worsened the current status of their health.

If you are a victim of a medical carelessness either at a private or NHS trust, you are eligible to file for compensation. Additionally, if you experience medical negligence which makes your medical status worse and led you to lose a limb, we can assist you making a claim for amputation.

An Amputation Solicitor proves that the hospital staff involved failed on their duty. They couldn’t provide acceptable care to you. Thus they are liable to compensate you for the outcome of your situation.

Amputation Claims Solicitors

How to Start a Claim for Amputation

To make a claim for amputation,

  • Call us on 0121 565 4317 to start your process of claiming a amputation claim
  • Our team of friendly advisors will listen to your case and advice on the way forward. They will ask some questions on the incidents surrounding the accident that led to your amputation procedure. To make sure we get the right assessment report afterwards, you need to be as truthful and detailed as possible at this stage.
  • A solicitor will contact you with details of an assessment of your case and advise whether we will take your case or not. If your case is strong enough and appears to be likely successful, we will take it up on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you are only legally bound, after we sign a binding contract, to pay us after the claim for amputation is successful and you receive the compensation amount through your preferred payment method
  • Throughout the process, if you decide to go with our Amputation Solicitors, we make sure the process is seamless and we keep you updated on every progress made either via email or phone calls. We let you concentrate on other aspects of your life as we take care of the legal perspective. Our team strives to quickly respond to your queries to phone calls and emails throughout the entire case

How Much Compensation Can I get if I Claim For Amputation

The amount of compensation you receive will be dependent on the type and severity of the amputation. The compensation amount should also reflect on other damages such as loss of finances, future loss of earnings, the pain and suffering and mental anguish that has characterized your family due to this accident, the medical expense and travel expenses.

Some common claims for amputation involves loss of arms and feet. Losing both arms for example can get you compensation amounts of up to £200,000. While we have a broad table of expected figures depicting the lowest or the highest amount you can get a claim for amputation injury, the reality is that the compensation amounts vary from case to case and will go higher or even lower. For a more accurate figure on the expected compensation amounts, call or leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Our Amputation Solicitors are experienced and have handled many claims for amputation and we can assure you that we go for the highest amount of compensation to make sure you lead a dignified life afterwards.

Why You Should Claim for Amputation

We highly advise you to claim for compensation if you are a victim of amputation. Amputation is life changing and may need several adjustments for you to cope most of which are financially straining. You may be signed off work, need to go for therapy and or travel to hospital and so forth.

If you make a Claim for Amputation, the amount you will be awarded will go taking care of all modifications you may need to live a fulfilled life.