Find out everything you need to know about personal injury solicitors and how they can help you with your injury claims. 

Personal injury solicitors are professionals. They know the area of law concerned with obtaining justice for people injured in accidents that were not their fault. Professional solicitors will handle your claim. They will give you the best possible chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve following your accident or injury.

What Are Personal Injury Solicitors?

Solicitors are highly trained legal professionals. They have studied law and have also undergone professional training after their studies have finished. They make sure that they always put the best interests of their clients first. It is to make sure that they are always working to an extremely high standard. Personal injury solicitors are those who concentrate on helping people who suffer injury to obtain the compensation they deserve. Our team of personal injury solicitors have spent their careers training and developing their skills. They are able to help people like you to get the compensation you deserve.

Being personal injury solicitors means that our team is highly experienced in:

Locating the person responsible for your injury.

In certain cases, we may need to find out exactly who owns a particular business or track down the driver of a vehicle who has given a false address. Although we can never guarantee to be able to do this, our experience gives us the best possible chance.

Explaining the process of making a claim and keeping you updated throughout.

Our team of personal injury solicitors makes you understand and agree with everything that we’re doing on your behalf. We make sure that you always know how your personal injury claim is progressing.

Estimating how much compensation you are likely to receive.

The guidelines given by the Judicial College as to how much compensation is appropriate for a given injury are very broad, to make sure that they allow for a wide range of situations. Our experience allows us to give you the best possible estimate of where in those ranges your award is likely to be.

Including everything, you are entitled to claim for.

Your personal injury claim is not solely determined by the type of injury you have received. As expert personal injury solicitors, we know what questions to ask to get a clear picture of the impact your injury has had on your life. This means that we are able to include future costs related to your personal injury that you might not have considered, making sure that you get the compensation payout you deserve.

Negotiating on your behalf.

Our team has dedicated their careers to getting you the best possible compensation payment. This means that we negotiate compensation every day for people just like you. We know when the other side is making a low initial offer (sometimes called a low ball offer) in the hope that you will accept less than you deserve. Our expertise in this area means that you will get the best payment possible for your personal injury.

What Can A Personal Injury Solicitor Do For Me?

A personal injury solicitor is there to help you at all stages of the process of making a personal injury claim. Our expert team will guide you through all stages of the claim, making sure you feel confident and in control at all times.

When you have appointed us as your personal injury solicitors, we are able to act on your behalf. That means that we can send letters and formal documents and the law treats those documents as if they had been sent by you. This means that we are able to take over almost all of the forms and administrative work. Also we’ll discuss and negotiate with the other party in your personal injury and with the courts. This allows you to put your energy into getting better while we sort out your claim. We are also able to offer advice as to whether we think an offer of compensation is fair or not.

Overall, a personal injury solicitor is able to take almost all of the stress and anxiety out of making a personal injury claim and getting the compensation you deserve. You won’t even have to pay a penny for our services unless and until we win your claim. Call us now on 0121 565 4317 or apply online to discuss the ways in which we can help you.

How Do I Choose The Right Personal Injury Solicitor For Me?

If you want to make a claim, there are several factors that might influence your choice. This is an important choice as it may influence how smoothly your claim process goes. Also, how much compensation you receive.

Your personal injury solicitor should respond quickly and professionally to your query.

  • There’s nothing worse than waiting for a reply when you want an update on how your claim is progressing. Your personal injury solicitor should be available to explain what is happening in your claim and the next steps. Make sure that you are comfortable with the speed of their replies before you decide who to use.

Your personal injury solicitor should listen to you and treat you with respect.

  • Every claim is different and it is important that we understand the details of your specific case. Sometimes you feel that a personal injury solicitor is rushing you or isn’t listening to you. That may be a sign that they aren’t really interested in giving you the personal care you deserve. Our expert team of personal injury solicitors take the time to listen and understand your unique case. It is to make sure that our advice and service is the best around.

You need to feel comfortable with and trust your personal injury solicitor.

  • Although a personal injury solicitor is there to take much of the stress out of making a personal injury claim, you will still need to talk to them and discuss what steps you are happy to take. If you don’t feel confident talking with your personal injury solicitor or if they don’t give you confidence that they have your best interests at heart, the process will be that much more stressful. Our team work hard to ensure that we earn your trust. We make sure that we keep you updated with straightforward, jargon-free updates to leave you feeling happy and confident.

Your personal injury solicitor should discuss possible funding options with you.

  • Making a personal injury claim can be expensive. It is important that you do not worry that you are signing a ‘blank cheque’ with no guarantee of compensation. We offer our services on a no win no fee basis to the majority of our clients. It is to make sure that you are able to obtain justice for your accident or injury without the risk of being out of pocket. If we are not able to offer a no win no fee agreement for your personal injury claim, we will explain why and discuss alternative funding models with you. You should always understand clearly how much you will pay and when you will have to pay it before any costs are incurred.

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If you’re ready to take the first step in hiring a personal injury solicitor, call us on 0121 565 4317 or claim online. We will need to have a brief discussion with you, during which we will take down the details of your accident or personal injury. We will then explain your options to you, including:

  • Whether we are happy to take on your case
  • Whether we are able to offer our services on a no win no fee basis
  • Other funding options if we are not able to offer no win no fee
  • How much compensation we believe you may be entitled to
  • What the next steps would be if you would like us to pursue your claim for you

Once you decide to hire us as your personal injury solicitors, we will send you a contract. It sets out all of the terms that we have agreed in our conversation. Once you sign this and return it to us, we are able to act on your behalf and we will begin the process of starting your personal injury claim.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Solicitor?

For the majority of our clients, there is no need to pay anything upfront to hire us as solicitors. We offer a no win no fee agreement where you do not pay a penny unless you are awarded compensation. Once you have received your compensation payout, we will take an agreed percentage of that payment to cover our fees. The usual success fee is normally at 25%. We will always make sure that you understand clearly in advance how much our fees are. Also, we will also explain when you are deciding whether to accept an offer of compensation how much you will receive once our fees have been taken into account. This means that you always know exactly where you are and there are no nasty surprises.

Personal Injury Solicitors

What Kinds Of Cases Do Personal Injury Solicitors Work On?

Most personal injury solicitors work exclusively on personal injury claims. It means that they are real specialists and experts in their field. Our team of solicitors work regularly on accidents at work, road traffic accidents, medical negligence cases, and more.

Call us now on 0121 565 4317 or apply online to ask any query. Find out whether we can help you to obtain justice for your personal injury.